Stamp Duty on main residence & a holiday let

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    Stamp Duty on main residence & a holiday let

    I am about to buy a house and bridge while I sell my exist house (yes, I know!!). They will be my main residence, so I will need to pay the 3% stamp duty surcharge and claim it back after I sell my existing house. However.... I also already own a holiday let - will this prevent me from getting a rebate?

    The rules are based on the number of properties you own at the end of the transaction rather than the purpose of the property.

    There's a transitional arrangement where someone has sold their residence and not bought a new one when the rules were introduced, but I don't think that would apply here.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      If you can prove you have moved from old main residence to new main residence , you have up 3 years to claim back the 3% extra sdlt paid on new residence..


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        I suggest you ask the tax office to send you a paper version tax return for first year submission ( before 31 st Oct ) .

        Next year if you understand the system, change to online tax return .
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        Anybody got a good spreadsheet they've devised solely for this purpose please?
        I will be forever grateful, thanks in advance.
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        I use something I've put together which calculates exactly what I need to put in each box on the SA forms. We've got the same number of properties and it works for us, but I find I have to be on top of it (sometimes on a daily basis) with expenses and paperwork so it's not for everyone. The good thing...
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        I bet accountant will be able to identify £250 of savings, and his bill is tax deductible also. Thirdly, any mistake found years ahead will be on his head rather than yours. Go with the accountant IIWY.
        16-07-2019, 07:52 AM
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        If you use a separate bank account to receive the monthly rental payments and pay the expenses by cheque, your bank account statements will serve as your bookkeeping records.

        For rental income of around £9K total , you can probably submit a paper tax return SA 200 . This form requires...
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        Hi Gordon,

        The income is too low to be registered for VAT. HMRC have a list of software but when I looked a year or so ago, it was quite expensive. I wondered if others had a similar situation and what they did.
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        Have you asked HMRC about what software to use for online returns?

        I thought the online return was required for quarterly VAT returns ?...
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