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    CGT implications

    Hi all

    Its my first post on this forum so hello all- some exellent comments on here.

    My questions is as follows

    My elderly uncle owns a property outright. I gave him the cash for him under the council right to buy to purchase the property in his name. The deeds are in his name. I had a tax/probate solicitor draught up a deed of trust to protect my investment. THe property is in his name.

    Now the 3 yr period under the right to buy terms have expired i am looking to transfer the property into my sole name. The trust document i created allows for this transfer to take place at my request.

    As i provided the cash to ourchase intially no monies are changing hands as part of the transfer of equity.

    I understand the transfer is a PET for iht purposes but my uncles estate is well below the iht threshold so there are no probs there. My queries/concern relate to CGT.

    The house was his main/only residence so i assume there will be no CGT liability for him transferring the property in my name. In addition i assume there is no "IMMEDIATE" CGT issue for me as part of the transfer. I know there will be a CGT laibility if i sell in the future but i'll take advice on that further down the road.

    Any ideas you tax wizards????



    I'm no tax expert but, as the funds were yours all along, I cannot see that your uncle has any beneficial interest at all. He is apparently a bare trustee, so any transfer to you simply vests legal ownership in you as the true (equitable) owner and could never be taxable- not even potentially under IHT, nor under CGT?
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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      Thanks Jeffrey

      My tax solicitor was also good enough to e mail me today confirming what you said. She agreed there are no iht/cgt implications as part of the trnasfer.




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