Lease extension: Corp. Tax/"benefit in kind" implications?

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    I'm not aware that companies are generally treated as transparent...


      Some are. Example: service charge income from land ought to be taxable but, by HMRC Concession, it's disregarded for tax purposes if the outgoings on service charge account for al the income (thereby rebutting any assumption of a profit element- just as where leaseholders own F which grants each one a 999yr. lease extension 'gratuitously').
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        If you're still reading, fearnebooboo, no we didn't get it resolved, but the issue does/has not gone away and is currently enjoying a revival.

        On the issue of CorpnTax on FHCo, I've not looked exhaustively but am yet to see anything that would contradict the assumption that any revenues due would be taxed as 'trading' income, unless it is the principle that FHCo and LHlders (as directors) are connected persons & therefore, since being akin to 'trading with oneself', would not be taxable (?).

        This question of connected persons is imho a red herring elsewhere, since:
        i/ it appears that the overriding concern is the 'arm's length' principle anyway; and
        ii/ being connected, according to case law & HMRC regs, requires organisational control (which v few individual LHlders will have) or some sort of blood/trustee interrelationship between parties...

        From my reading of HMRC manuals, I'd agree that LHlders would not incur CGT if one of two situations applied:
        1. due to principal private residence relief; or
        2. if the transaction was at arm's length (ESC39) and other conditions thereunder were met

        ... but I'm not a tax expert neither


          When leaseholders contribute to purchase of freehold, the use of company to register the freehold title is just a vehicle to hold their interest ( i.e nominee) .

          They are not putting up contribution money to a company for external trading in freeholds with the public at large. Its not a trading company.

          So they should be able to change the terms of their own leases without being taxed for "trading with themselves".


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            It's legal.

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            If you were unemployed and receiving benefits and didn’t tell them you may need to brace yourself for contact from the DWP too...
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            Difference between 100:0 & 99:1?? 1%.
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            Thank you jpkeates for your advice. I will now proceed with 99/1 and happy that you have clarified the situation for me....
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            In your shoes I think I would be asking for a personal interview (maybe on Zoom these days) so you can find out exactly what they require. In my experience I have always found them reasonable and helpful and you can always ask for a supportive friend to also be present if you're nervous.
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            It may help if your doctor can give you a medical letter stating approx date when you had a breakdown and suffered some memory loss.

            If your job income is below the personal allowance level each year during last 6 years , you are not owing unpaid tax .
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