Will I be a higher tax payer under the new tax rules?

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    Will I be a higher tax payer under the new tax rules?

    I am not fully understanding how the new tax rules will effect me when the are fully implemented.

    My rental income is £20k. This is after removing all expenses including interest payment. I pay £25k in interest on my 2x property's mortgage.

    Under the new tax rules. .......

    1. Will my income be £20K so I pay the same tax as before. So I get mortgage tax relief on the interest.


    2. Is my income now £20k + £25k = £45K which makes me a higher tax payer. I therefore pay the 40% tax and also don't get any tax relief on my interest. I therefore pay 40% tax on the full £45K.


    I don't know about anyone else, but it really looks like you've chucked a lot of words together and almost ended up with sentences and questions... but it's not making much sense to me. Have another go at framing this...


      The new rules, which don't come in till next year incidentally will mean that your income will be assessed as £45k, so you will pay a little tax at 40% but you will be able to add back 20% of the mortgage interest before calculating the final tax figure


        Neither of those options is correct.
        Your income will be £45k, but you will also be able to claim 20% of the interest cost against the tax you would pay.
        You only pay tax at the higher rate on the income over the higher rate threshold, which is currently about £42,600 for most people.

        This is being phased in over the next three years (the allowance is currently higher than 20% and moves down to that figure in increments).
        At the same time, it is possible that the higher rate threshold will increase - the chancellor has said it will increase to £50k in the life of this parliament.
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).



          Thanks for that. I can now see the extra I will be paying will not be that much more.


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            by Thurrock1

            the other directors can't withhold information from them - I am my husband's agent as he has dyslexia and has difficulty with all this. This has been explained to the director but he does not like me and chooses not to recognise in that case anything I/my husband writes.
            25-11-2021, 09:39 AM
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            by jpkeates
            If your husband is a director, the other directors can't withhold information from them; unless there are some very specific rules in the company articles - and they wouldn't normally be appropriate in a property development business (which are usually set up with boilerplate documentation).
            24-11-2021, 18:36 PM
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            by Thurrock1
            Hi, Please can someone tell me if Corporation Tax only becomes payable to the IR on sale of an asset.
            My husband is a director of a property development company - there are only 3 directors.
            He wants to leave and there is no communication with the other directors and it is difficult to get...
            23-11-2021, 19:15 PM
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            by theartfullodger
            IR (The Inland Revenue) were dissolved April 2005. Advise against sending them payments....
            24-11-2021, 17:50 PM
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            by Thurrock1
            Thanks Gordon999. I have been phoning around about this today. This is a property development Ltd co. it had problems and so in 5 years only managed to develop 1 property - a house into flats. My husband owns one third of the company.

            It is not being sold. The other directors need to...
            24-11-2021, 17:47 PM
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            by Gordon999
            The company pay CT on the "trading profit" reported in the annual accounts.( which are filed annually at Companies House).

            After the asset (the building) has been sold, the trading profit will be reported in the next annual accounts by accountant and CT will be payable to...
            24-11-2021, 11:33 AM
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            In most areas student houses don't pay council tax ....... move in a "non student" and Council tax will apply
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            Flag any of your posts (the little flag at the bottom of them) and ask the moderator if he can change the name for you....
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            Can I rent my air b and b property to students?
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