Deed of Trust / Form 17 rent to wife

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    Deed of Trust / Form 17 rent to wife

    My wife and I are planning on buying a BTL. I work she doesn't so all of the deposit is going to be coming from me. I would like to arrange it so that she receives most of the rent. My plan is to have a deed of trust drawn up when we purchase the property confirming a 90:10 split in her favor. Once this is done i will submit a form 17. Is this it or should I be doing something else? Should we be joint tenants or tenants in common? I had assumed we could be joint tentants and then submit the deed of trust to HMRC along with the form 17 but I've read on a few websites that we would need to be tenants in common for us to use this approach. Can anyone pls confirm.

    You will need to be tenants in common in order to each own a proportion of the property.
    Joint tenants each own all of the property, so there's no percentage split to vary.

    Regardless of where the deposit comes from, the mortgage lender will probably require a joint mortgage if the property is going to be owned by both of you as tenants in common.
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