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    Property transfer to wifes name

    Hi, I've been reading through the forums and have seen similar questions mainly regarding CGT, but this question isn't mainly focused on CGT, apologies if this has been answered before, i just couldn't seem to find the answer directly related to what i would like to know.

    So here's the story from the beginning, i bought a house before i met my wife, and let it out. i then met my now wife and after a few years of being together we asked the tenant to move out and we moved in and lived there for 18 months/ 2years. we then moved out of my property and bought a bigger house, had kids, then got married, keeping the other property as solely owned by me. the tenants pay the rent to me (£800 per month), and i pay the mortgage on it, i am a 40% tax rate payer, my wife earns nothing. i read recently about the tax changes and from April 2016 we can no longer offset the mortgage interest from the profit made on second properties. So i am considering what to do as it will cost me more and more going forward and i think we should take advantage of my wife's 11k unused tax allowance.

    so from what i've read, i think i can put 99% of the property into my wifes name and let her be paid the rent and show that as her income (therefore not paying any tax as it falls under 11k a year), if i want to do this who should i contact? and how will that effect CGT going forward?

    only thing im wondering is (not that im planning on getting divorced anytime soon/at all), as this is a non-martial asset, if i left it as it is (with me the sole owner) and got divorced would it be mine or would it be split? and if i transferred 99% of it to her name, would it be mine or would it be 99% hers?

    Thanks for your time guys!


    But at least you've agreed not to fight over the asset..,,,
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      You possibly need an accountant to work through the options.

      You don't need to transfer to transfer the property to your wife, you need the property to be owned by both of you as tenants in common and then you use a deed of trust to change the proportion of ownership for tax purposes.
      This is something that a solicitor would do for you quite routinely.

      You want to make sure that you don't lost any PPR/letting relief for the time you were living there.

      Tax follows beneficial ownership not title, so if your wife was helping you pay for the property while you were living there, she may be entitled to PPR.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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        Thank you all
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        Considering selling our rental property and trying to estimate how much CGT is due. We are both basic rate tax payers and the gain from the property will take us into higher rate, so the amount of tax we pay will depend on income for that year – it does vary year to year. I presume the relevant income...
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        You do, or better an accountant but essentially you report and pay the gain at HMRC estimating what you need to, and then report it again essentially in your tax return...
        06-07-2022, 08:34 AM
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        You estimate your income for this year and declare and pay the tax accordingly.
        When you complete your tax return for the tax year, the figures are adjusted then....
        06-07-2022, 08:27 AM
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        by theartfullodger
        60 days not 2 months.
        06-07-2022, 07:50 AM
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        Hello again.

        Just wondering if someone can advise.

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        If they're buying the £350,000 jointly, does the relief count for...
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        How old are these children if they have yet to go to university?...
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        If the buyers are going to rent the property while they go to university, it may meet the criteria for Stamp Duty Relief but it may not.
        It would be unusual for siblings leaving university to be able to commit to cohabit in a particular place when they graduate.

        There's obviously...
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        Apart from anything else, if you are selling the property to the kids, you are getting cash and they have a 100% mortgage - and then they are not actually paying a mortgage on 100% of 350K you will be paying it -- it is not a classic GROB, but risks falling foul of GROB rules - so when you die, even...
        04-07-2022, 14:45 PM
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        Yes, the lender is happy to lend them 100% the purchase price so not gifting on our side. In essence, it's just removing it from our name into theirs as he is also our lender.

        It's unusual I appreciate but it's a private commercial lender - if that makes sense. His...
        04-07-2022, 13:55 PM