Claiming Subsistence for Landlords

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    Claiming Subsistence for Landlords

    My accountant has always stated that claiming subsistence is NOT allowed when visiting any property in a personal capacity.

    However if I am self employed and traveling away from my home address to visit/manage properties then I feel this is questionnable as trips are not part of say a normal daily commute.

    Would be grateful to hear whether any members do claim subsistence. I am not talking about full blown meals but simply a sandwich/drink etc.


    I claim hotel costs when away from home. Though I do pay for my own lunches, as obviously I would have to pay something for my own food at home.


      Thanks for your reply


        I always claim when I'm away from home at seminars etc. Cup of coffee at home = 10p, at venue - £3.

        May not be correct but I'll let the HMRC tell me otherwise if I get audited.


          The lesson here is never visit your property in a "personal capacity".

          Do it in "Landlord capacity" to address tenant's complaint or check repair work completed before paying bill or check flat after tenant's departure etc .


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