Completing Stamp Duty form

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  • Gordon999
    If the SDLT is paid to HMRC , you should be asking that Authority. Most buyer would istruct a conveyancing solicitor to sort this out

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  • trophy3681
    started a topic Completing Stamp Duty form

    Completing Stamp Duty form

    I have received the SDLT1 Land Transaction Return and am having trouble with one particular part.
    I am purchasing an existing lease dated 1 October 2006 which commenced on 1 August 2004 for 999 years.
    Ground rent of £150 per year is payable on 1 August every year and the rent is reviewed every 10 years throughout the term. The first rent review in 2014 has resulted in the rent staying at £150 per year.

    As I am buying an existing lease I have to answer question 20 (ABOUT LEASES) which is where I come unstuck. I can answer the preceding questions in the section "About Leases" but the difficulty is in part of Q 20 which asks for "THE END DATE FOR STARTING RENT" followed by LATER RENT KNOWN (YES OR NO). What date do I put in for the End Date? Is it the 10th anniversary or is it the end of the lease? I just don't get it!

    As for is "Later Rent Known" I presume I insert "NO" as the rent may change on the next review?

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