New landlord - what can be claimed?

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    New landlord - what can be claimed?

    Situation: Buying a small property to let which needs some renovation work.

    1) Electric board - looks unsafe and some damage. Will get electrician to replace with MCB unit with proper RCD. Is this claimable?

    2) Planning to replace the bathroom and kitchen. I plan to do this work myself. I know new units/fittings are not claimable but can I claim for the tools as technically they're for maintenance. e.g. if I replace existing broken tiles I need a tile cutter.

    Also if the units are broken/damaged (e.g. the toilet is cracked) can I claim for replacement?

    I've read that the cost for new stuff like kitchen units can be banked away to offset against capital gains later when selling which is fine, but it's not clear which of my expenses I can claim as a pre-let fixing to make it safe/live-able property.

    The electric board is allowable as an operating expense.
    You claim it as though it was installed and paid for on the day the property is first let (which is how you account for pre-let costs like these).

    If you are adding a new kitchen, the item is a capital outlay and part of the CGT regime. If you are simply refurbishing an existing kitchen, it is a repair (operating) cost.
    By refurbishing something, you are obviously going to make it better, so there is a view to be taken, are you significantly adding to the value of the property or simply making a room up to date and in line with current expectations.
    If the former, it's betterment and has a capital allowance, if the latter, it's maintenance.

    You can't claim for your own labour time or cost against tax.
    You can get tax relief for the costs of tools.
    You can get tax relief for the costs of fixtures and fittings, but (probably) not free standing items like a fridge that's not built in.

    I'd do some research or find an accountant, as getting this right can be worth quite a lot of money.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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