Receivers ripped out boiler!

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    Receivers ripped out boiler!

    Hello all,

    I have bought two flats from a receiver that was put in place when the previous owner (a ltd company) went bust. When the last tennent got thrown out, the last tennent also took out the newly fitted kitchen with them ! I have replaced the two boilers they took out as well as putting back a working kitchen.

    Now all the radiators was still in place, as well as the pipe work, etc. just the actual boilers were taken.

    Now to me, this is not an improvement as far as taxable talk goes, or is it!

    Is it tax deductible (hope it is, it has cost a lot of cash putting the place right).


    HMRC may regard the expenditure as capital :


      Thank you King Maker, a very interesting link.

      So, if the boilers/kitchen were in place but were not usable, then placing in a similar spec boiler/ kitchen would have been tax deductible?

      Sorry if this is an obvious question (just starting to get my head around it all).


        Yes, that would more likely to be classed as a repair/maintenance.


          Thank you King Maker, I learnt a lot with that!



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          • Reply to HPI out-pacing PRR accumulation
            by lllccc
            Hi Gordon, unfortunately it was not, hence the question.
            04-12-2021, 16:07 PM
          • HPI out-pacing PRR accumulation
            by lllccc
            I wondered if anyone else has been in this situation and what would you do about it? I now only own the one property (and live in it), but due to substantial renovation period before moving in the CGT will only increase now (assuming HPI increasing at 3.6% which is not unreasonable). I didn't understand...
            04-12-2021, 14:20 PM
          • Reply to HPI out-pacing PRR accumulation
            by Gordon999
            If the property has been your "main residence" since purchase, there is no tax on capital gain .
            04-12-2021, 14:40 PM
          • Reply to Will they raise taxes again?
            by Gordon999
            The Daily Mail reported on 29 Oct 2021 the 1.25 p increase for social care levy commencing in 2022 , will take £16 Bil from our pockets. The freezing of personal allowance for income tax at £12570 until 2026 will take £19 Bill by 2025/2026.
            02-12-2021, 11:18 AM
          • Will they raise taxes again?
            by JK0
            My accountant just finished my 2020/21 tax return, and my income is half of the previous year. I did not think it would be quite that bad. (Half my tenants moved out, and I had a job to replace them. Plus had to get fourteen EICR's!)

            I'm guessing you guys are in a similar boat. Never mind...
            27-11-2021, 20:20 PM
          • Reply to Will they raise taxes again?
            by Gordon999
            Corporation tax for large companies ( over £250K profit ) will be raised from 19% to 25% rate commencing from April 2023.
            30-11-2021, 21:35 PM
          • Reply to Corporation Tax
            by Gordon999
            There seems to be 2 problems ( I am not an accountant ) :

            (1.) The company has to pay £30,000 tax due to revaluation of property asset increased higher by £150,000 ( estimated). Does it have the cash in its bank account to pay ?

            ( 2) husband owns one third interest of property...
            30-11-2021, 14:09 PM
          • Reply to Will they raise taxes again?
            by theartfullodger
            Taxes bound to go up, huge amounts to pay for Covid & BR*X*it. Death & taxes, death & taxes.

            Holding off working out my position, wishing to remain cheerful for Christmas.

            Best wishes to all...
            28-11-2021, 10:45 AM
          • Reply to Will they raise taxes again?
            by Neelix
            ^^ please don’t take this the wrong way but £10 k down on what turnover or number of properties?

            i’ve done a lot of EICRs and remedial work over the last 18 months and a lot of it was because properties hadn’t been inspected and some were just dangerous....
            28-11-2021, 10:29 AM
          • Reply to Will they raise taxes again?
            by jpkeates
            I'm about £10k down and it's mostly electrical work.

            I can't see this government putting up taxes anymore before the next election, although there's nothing to say that they won't figure out how to tax landlords more specifically - there's few votes lost there.

            My candidate...
            28-11-2021, 10:07 AM