Allowance against cost of BG Homecare plan

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    Allowance against cost of BG Homecare plan

    Ive read quite a bit on whats allowed to be set against tax, from unfurnished property rental , and if Ive got it right, it seems that if I fork out £300+ a yr for a central heating contract , I cant deduct it, but if I pay out bills each time a system malfunctions, I can deduct those bills. Have I got it right please?

    I don't know who told you that a central heating contract is not allowable. My accountant allows mine.


      My accountant also allows mine.


        Oh --well thats really good news thanks. I didnt even mention that expense to the accountant last yr as I was sure Id already read it wasnt allowed in small print somewhere on the tax whats what pages. Stupid, when Ive got a minute Im going to have another trawl and see where Ive picked up the misinformation. Thanks again.


          I think this piece below is where Ive got the idea from . Im afraid the tax submission was rather late on in the year, and a lot of crammed quick research was done by me -before deciding at the last minute to give the figures to the accountant to submit online. It would seem that in my haste and lack of wisdom I must have seen this, decided that the Homecare contract counted as 'insurance' --- the type wasnt specified as allowed in the list shown, and therefore deduced that it wasnt allowable , added to that it was set up a few weeks before the tenants moved in , and Id read too somewhere that you couldnt count costs incurred before that date. Ah well, this is how you learn isnt it. Ill know for this coming tax form .At least Ive satisfied myself that it was misunderstanding something that existed , rather than me having totally imagined it!

          PIM2040 - Deductions: general rules: insurance premiums
          Premiums on insurance policies covering the risks listed below will be allowable if paid for the purposes of the rental business.

          the risk of damage to the fabric of the property,
          the risk of damage to the contents,
          loss of rents.
          Allowable deductions will include premiums in respect of properties that are held for letting but vacant for the time being, as well as properties that are let.


            HMRC are unlikely to object to your including the missing expenditure in 2014-15 Tax Return.


              Dont think Ill try it though - Im the person who would be pulled up for doing 35mph in the middle of a long string of cars doing the same thing lol !
              Sometimes I think Sods law was invented just for me.


                Heating service contracts, gas safety certs, and electrical certs are all genuine business expenses, Wholly and exclusive for your business. There is no problem with claiming this. Regards Peter


                  Are you saying that its actually legal to deduct the ignored £300 allowance for 2013/14 HC agreement from the income Im about to declare for 2014/15? (That would be two lots of £300 allowances as Id be claiming for 14/15 allowance on the agreement as well )

                  Is this the part that allows that ?

                  Quote from HMC website

                  Making a loss

                  Deduct any losses from your profit and enter the figure on your Self Assessment form.

                  You can offset your loss against:

                  future profits by carrying it forward to a later year
                  profits from other properties (if you have them)
                  You can only offset losses against future profits in the same business.


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                    by theartfullodger

                    Well done HMRC..

                    None of my business, and obviously not in anyway a criticism of anybody, but If I had had a friend who I found out had been fiddling tax for 16 years they'd no longer be my friend.
                    18-09-2021, 11:46 AM
                  • Let Property Campaign.
                    by armour
                    Hi all,

                    A friend of mine has been renting out a flat since 2004 and has not declared any of the income to HMRC in all that time.

                    She wants to come clean and pay the accumulated income tax she owes by making a non-prompted disclosure using the Let Property Campaign system....
                    13-09-2021, 13:45 PM
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                    by armour
                    Fair enough. Thanks for your advice. It is on cash basis.

                    I guess it would only save her 50 odd quid anyway, maybe less than £80 once the fine and interest is added. I guess she'll have to swallow that.
                    Once again, thanks JP and Gordon for your help.
                    18-09-2021, 09:07 AM
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                    by Santa Fe
                    Boletus, thank you.
                    17-09-2021, 18:37 PM
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                    by Santa Fe
                    I'm from UK but live overseas and recently discovered that I should be registered as an overseas landlord. I've done a bit of research on what it involves and it seems a bit of a headache - tenants have to fill out forms and pay tax from their rent direct to HMRC. If anyone here is registered as an...
                    16-09-2021, 16:44 PM
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                    by jpkeates
                    armour - Sorry, I don't know.
                    It might depend on whether you're accounting on the cash basis (in which case I suspect not) or the accrual basis (when it's possible).

                    But it's not something I ever got involved with when the W&T allowance existed, and all of the practical guidance...
                    17-09-2021, 11:43 AM
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                    by armour
                    Thanks JP, that's clear. I'll put the bathroom in with the income tax then. I guess it's much of a muchness anyway as the associated reduction in interest and fine will probably equal out.

                    I have one last question, if you'd be so kind.

                    During the year she had to make the eviction,...
                    17-09-2021, 09:18 AM
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                    by boletus
                    You fill out this form requesting to have rental income without deduction of tax and pay it yourself;

                    16-09-2021, 17:26 PM
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                    by jpkeates
                    The 10% was for furnishings, so built in stuff should be ok to claim.
                    The bathroom refurb depends on what was done if it was simply a replacement, it's maintenance, if it was a significant upgrade, it's likely to be part capital/part maintenance.
                    If it's a new bathroom, it's probably ca...
                    16-09-2021, 08:37 AM
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                    by armour
                    Seems pretty clear there JP. I'll go ahead and alter my calculations

                    One more thing, My friend had a bathroom refurb and a built in oven and hob replaced during the period when the flat was let furnished. I'm pretty sure that these costs can be detucted in addition to the 10% W&T, but...
                    15-09-2021, 14:06 PM