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    illegal expense claims

    im sorry many of you will have seen this type of post time and again but I'm not sure ive been claiming everything im entitled to in previous years*tax returns. I will try number the examples I have, just to clarify I am seeing if these can be claimed in addition to 10% wear and tear allowance...
    1. can I claim for wallpaper, paint, cleaning products, carpet cleaning, batteries for smoke detectors and similar things that I have used to repair, maintain and decorate the property?
    2. can I claim for lampshades, new taps and other such items or are these included in the wear and tear claim?
    3. can I claim for a new bathroom ... tiles, cost of tiler, bath and shower as the old one was old and needed replacing
    4. can I claim using my office as a home at a rate of £4 a week as I have been advised this is an allowable expense?
    5. can I claim for a new installed fire and cost of installation or are these both part of the wear and tear claim?

    im hoping to get peoples advice and help so have tried to allow answers in a yes or no format for ease of reply but I may have made it too complicated for this!

    I think you should speak to an accountant. all the answers are available if you read the hmrc advice and do some homework !


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