Buy-to-let tax reduction via Ltd company

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  • King_Maker
    Not sure where you get the 10% Corporation Tax rate from - it's 20% for the Small Profits Rate (under £300,000).

    And the effective dividend rate for a 40% taxpayer is 25%.

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  • LordXilos2
    I am not intending to go with any agent. I will set up my own company and do contract with myself for tax reduction purposes.

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  • theartfullodger
    Forum rules preclude me from commenting on your choice of agent.

    I wouldn't touch them.

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  • LordXilos2
    started a topic Buy-to-let tax reduction via Ltd company

    Buy-to-let tax reduction via Ltd company

    Hi Everyone

    Please be kind as I am new to this forum.

    I am contemplating the following set up to legally minimise my tax bill from rental.

    I come up with this idea because I keep hearing about guaranteed rental income deal through Northwood.

    The amounts used are for ease of calculation.

    I am in 40% tax bracket through my full time employment. Therefore, when renting and after allowable expenses I will be liable for 40% tax on rental income from house(s).

    When having buy to let mortgage, landlord is able to offset any interest payments versus rental income. For instance, if rental income is £500 pm (£6k pa), mortgage interest is £4k pa and landlord does not have any other allowable expenses, 40% tax will have to be paid on £2k (6k-4k) which in this case will be £800.

    My solution:

    I set up a company and rent out the house to my company for £4k pa fixed rent (similar to Northwood contract). Personally, I will not make profit from the property.

    When my company rents out the house to the tenant, I will show £2k profit. The company will have to pay profit tax at 10% and further 10% when paying out dividends. Thus this solution enables 20% tax saving with minimal effort and it is scalable to bigger portfolios.

    Can anyone see flaws in this set up? Would it work?

    Please note that I am intending to seek professional advice from tax planner and lawyer when I will be doing this. I would like to hear from people who have adopted this approach or something similar or know why this would not be viable.


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    I believe your solicitor has to prepare a Deed of Trust which transfers 60 % interest in the property from wife to you.

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    The existing declaration states 10:90 beneficial interest not legal interest
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    The Declaration changing the beneficial interest to 70:30 is prepared only for showing to the Tax Office .

    The existing registration of 10% :90% legal interest at Land Registry does not change and the Mortgage Lender has already accepted this situation. .
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    The details for scheme under £7500 :
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