Transfer of Tax liability or not

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    Transfer of Tax liability or not

    Please be gentle with me I am new to this!

    I previously lived alone in a mortgage property that I changed to a buy to let mortgage when I moved in with my girlfriend who I still live with. We bought a house with a traditional mortgage in both of our names.
    My girlfriend only works part time and pays little if anything in the way of tax. I am a 40% tax earner. It seems logical if it is possible to transfer the tax liability I presently have on my original house to my girlfriend.
    So the question is:
    1. Is it possible to do what I have suggested above?
    2. How do I/ we do it?
    3. Who do I need to inform?

    Thanks in advance

    Briefly :

    1. Yes.
    2. By agreement - preferably in writing.
    3. No-one.

    Do a Search, as this question comes up on a regular basis.


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