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    Self assessment registration

    I have just completed an SA1 online to register for self assessment as this will be my first year of rental income. Have received an automated email from hmrc saying they will issue me with a UTR in 6-8 weeks.
    Do I need a UTR to complete a tax return and if this arrives after jan 31st, a will I be liable for a £100 fine despite registering before the deadline (was there a registration deadline ki am not aware of?)

    The UTR will come through quicker than that. They are covering their backs by specifying 6 - 8 weeks.

    Are you sure you need to do an SA this year. SA that need to be done by 31st January are for the year April 2012 - April 2013. Did you start renting the property before April 2013?

    Also, is your rental income above £10K before any deductions?



      I am in a similar position. What is the significance of the £10k? Mine is less.

      I hope to use an accountant to file. Do I still need to register now. Mine is 2012-2013 so this Jan 31 is my deadline.



        If the total rental income is less than £10k, you do not have to do a self assessment. However, you are still obliged to let HMRC know your figures. You can either ring them up and they will take the figures over the phone or send them a letter. Basically they will ask what was the total rent received, what the total mortgage interest was, and a combined total of any other allowable costs, ie repairs, mileage, ground rents, building insurance, agency fees etc.

        However - if your 'PROFIT' is over £2,500 - you will need to do the SA.

        My husband got fined £100 once, then I discovered he wasn't obliged to do the SA as less than £10K - we wrote to HMRC and they cancelled the fine.


          Here is a link to HMRC's view of who has to complete a SA Tax Return :


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