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    18 month CGT Rule

    Can someone explain what this new rule is and is it likely to affect me?

    Currently I have BTL properties as well as my own residential property.. The BTL have never been my principle home and are quite unlikely to ever be. When I dispose of any of my properties I pay capital gains tax. If my annual CGT allowance hasn't already been used, I use it and pay any difference owed to the tax man.

    Basically, if I carry on as above - am I affected by this new 18 month CGT rule?

    Many thanks

    This matter only concerns the liability to capital gains tax after sale of a property which was a former home .

    At present, the period of exemption to cgt includes the period of living at the home plus 3 years after date of moving out.

    The rule will changed next year and the period after moving out will be reduced from 3 years to 18 months


      Brilliant. Thanks for clarifying.


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      • Reply to Is it an allowable expense or capital expense
        by AndrewDod
        Can't see any reason this would be an insured event. Agree it is not a capital expense at all....
        25-05-2022, 09:25 AM
      • Reply to Is it an allowable expense or capital expense
        by Another Fine Mess
        If you dont mind me suggesting, If your Insurance Company is rejecting your claim you could get in touch with a Chartered Loss Assessor who would argue with the Insurance Company Loss Adjuster, its worth a phone call to one.
        24-05-2022, 16:30 PM
      • Is it an allowable expense or capital expense
        by shipboard
        I rent out a single property, during the winter storms the brickwork was damaged and the cheapest option to repair it was to render the Gable end and rear of the property. I tried to claim on the insurance but they maintained it was due to wear and tear, I am of course disputing this. My question is...
        24-05-2022, 10:04 AM
      • Reply to Is it an allowable expense or capital expense
        by gnvqsos
        I think the insurance company were right-the render must have been distressed to suffer storm damage. You can offset cost against income.
        24-05-2022, 14:36 PM
      • Reply to CGT query
        by Gordon999
        Hmrc rules allow transfers between spouses without cgt. The recipient spouse takes on the asset at the original purchase price.
        24-05-2022, 11:16 AM
      • Reply to Is it an allowable expense or capital expense
        by Gordon999
        I agree with jpk : it is a maintenance expense which is claimed against rental income....
        24-05-2022, 11:12 AM
      • Reply to Is it an allowable expense or capital expense
        by jpkeates
        I'd say that's a maintenance cost and would be allowed against income.
        It would affect the value of the property, but only to restore it to the level that it was at prior to the damage (plus the general positive effect of any large maintenance work).
        24-05-2022, 10:53 AM
      • CGT query
        by vik238754
        Hello. Since 2013 my wife and I own a property as tenants in common where the beneficial interest split is 90% her and 10% me. We are now looking to sell the property. I have a large CGT loss and using the HMRC CGT calculator I have calculated that if I change the split to 70% me and 30% my wife...
        23-05-2022, 19:37 PM
      • Reply to CGT query
        by jpkeates
        What you are planning to do is routine and HMRC will accept the change as a matter of routine admin.
        24-05-2022, 09:13 AM
      • Any property tax experts you can recommend please?
        by mpppen
        We have a small BTL portolio of five properties. Some are in our personal names and the latter ones in a property company we set up a few years' ago when the tax rules changed.

        I'd really like to find someone who can advise us of the best way of either bringing the personal...
        03-03-2022, 20:00 PM