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    Council Tax


    I have a summons fine form the council for non payment of council tax.

    I did however send them a letter and cheque several months ago, which they said They did not receive.

    The council sent me a reminder a few months ago and say that that assume I got it so I am due to pay the summons fine.

    If i went to court to appeal this on the basis they assume I got the reminder I can equally assume they got my letter and cheque, regardless of them not cashing it?

    Its more on a matter of principle for me, the council have one rule for them and another for the rest of us.


    I have had this a couple of times.
    Both times I called and advised I hadn't received notification and offered to settle the amount over the phone by debit card if the fine was dropped which it was instantly in both cases.

    Try this with a friendly approach and remind them you are a good guy who pays his bills and this is an unfortunate situation.
    Hopefully you will have some luck


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