Buying agent commission - offset against CGT or income?

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    Buying agent commission - offset against CGT or income?

    Hi there everyone. New here and looking forward to some good chats.

    I've bought a couple of properties through Choices Acquisitions, an agency who negotiates discounts from developers and private sellers. The commissions are quite hefty, though I should be making enough in instant equity not for this to be a problem. My question is: what can I offset these commissions against? I would ideally like to offset against income so I can have the benefit now. However, it could be argued that the commission is part of the purchase price, and therefore only offsettable against CGT when I sell. I don't plan to sell so that wouldn't be much good to me.

    I have also paid them a signup fee (some of you must be thinking I am a complete mug, but hey). This I guess must be offsettable against income since the fee isn't associated with any particular property.



    Commission's deductable only against CGT I suspect Mark.

    Are you sure this firm are bona fide? What you describe sounds suspiciously like those 'property clubs' that held BTL seminars a few years ago.

    edit: What do you know, I was right:
    To save them chiming in, JPKeates, Theartfullodger, Boletus, Mindthegap, Macromia, Holy Cow & Ted.E.Bear think the opposite of me on almost every subject.


      I agree it takes balls and cold blood to put your trust in these kind of organizations and it's not for everyone.

      The only property I have exchanged on so far is a newbuild flat at the Panorama in Ashford which, even with their commission cost me about £100k, at least £15k cheaper than the off the street price, so I think in this case the fee is justified. Completion next year or I can sell it on before then and take the profit.

      I've paid out a larger commission for a big HMO in Headingley, and here I am slightly concerned whether I've done the right thing. If the figures are what they say they are I'll be getting a 12% yield for it, in which case it surely must be BMV. Will find out shortly.



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      • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
        by AndrewDod
        I think the point that is being missed here is that inflation *is itself* a type of tax.

        It is a tax on savings (on people who try to save so they they or their disabled child can cope without having to lean on the state instead of smoking it away).

        Put simply, government...
        17-08-2022, 20:20 PM
      • Capital Gains Tax
        by LVA
        Apologies if this has been covered in this website but I've looked and cannot find...

        I bought my flat in 1997, rented it out in 2001 (ish), returned to live in it in March 2020. Its approx 27 years ownership and 7 ish years living in it.

        My accountant tells me the CGT...
        16-08-2022, 12:59 PM
      • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
        by gnvqsos
        I believe CGT did adjust gains in line with the RPI and also had taper relief. This was rejected in the late 90s by GB.
        17-08-2022, 18:33 PM
      • Overseas
        by jase222
        I will be moving to Spain for between 6-9months and I will obviously be paying my taxes and I spoke to a Spainish tax accountant who said the authorities won’t be interested in anybody who stays for less than a year as long as you can prove you pay tax in your own country? I’ve never heard...
        17-08-2022, 08:05 AM
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        by jase222
        I sorted that out but but was surprised by his comments, I know all about Spainish residency as been there before , I am waiting for confirmation.
        17-08-2022, 16:41 PM
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        by Gordon999
        If you stay in Spain for 183 days or longer , you will become tax resident for Spanish Taxes. You can find this information by online search.

        You may need to obtain a certificate of tax residency from HMRC or from Spain, to avoid paying taxes twice.
        17-08-2022, 09:44 AM
      • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
        by doobrey
        Agree. CGT is supposed to be a tax on 'gains'. Like real ones. There is no 100% right/fair way of doing it but adjusting to an index wouldn't be difficult, and it would be lot better than doing nothing, as now. With the current system you can sell at a loss in real terms and still be taxed on your imaginary...
        17-08-2022, 08:19 AM
      • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
        by Flashback1966
        It is upsetting to pay tax on inflation.

        That is the problem with property. With stocks and shares you can sell a bit every year to make use of the CGT allowance.

        This is why there is a deterent to selling up....
        16-08-2022, 17:58 PM
      • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
        by gnvqsos
        If you a GOOD accountant they will advise on such matters-far more qualified than most forum members. If you pay £50k tax at 18pc you are taxed on £280k.Add allowance of £13k.You have made £295k gross,£245 net, and you want more? Pay your dues and count your stars(and cash)
        16-08-2022, 17:34 PM
      • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
        by jpkeates
        I wouldn't rule it out, but I think the case for anyone starting out to do it as a company is pretty overwhelming now, and that would make it more compelling....
        16-08-2022, 16:34 PM