Solar PV on commercial building

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    Solar PV on commercial building

    I have recently installed a solar PV system on a commercial building. The building is split into small units which are let out to small businesses - a small business centre. I have seen documents online which suggests that it maight be beneficial tax-wise to set-up a separate business to look after the income from the PV system (the feed-in tariff and for the electricity that the tenants use from the PV system, amounting to around 6k per year). Is this a good idea or should I just put it all through the small business centre books as "other income".

    The small business centre is not VAT registered.

    The cost of the PV system was approx 30k and required structural work on the roof costing approx 20k. What is the best way to deal with these - Annual Investment Allowance?

    Thanks in advance,


    Update: I need to fill in a form to get the feed-in-tariff payments from the utility company which is asking for a (business) name to which the FIT payments will be made. If anyone can help with my original post it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Joe.


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