Do we pay C.G.T?

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  • Do we pay C.G.T?

    We bought our 1st and only property 10/1996 for £35,000 and lived in it for 9years and 4months.
    In 02/2006 we let it out and bought another property for us to live in.
    We now would like to sell our rental property that has been rented out for 7 years.
    The estimated value is £135,000 to £140,000.
    The current mortgage outstanding is £83,000. Profit due roughly £42,000 to £47,000 total.
    Our wages are roughly gross £27,000 and £28,000
    Can we avoid tax or if not roughly how much..
    Help appreciated...

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    Read HS283 on the HMRC web site. At present based of your figures PP and Letting Releif will wipe out any CGT liability. The numbers look like this :
    Purchase 35,000 01/10/1996
    Disposal 140,000 14/05/2013
    Total Gain 105,000
    PRR 78,090 148 199
    Capital Gain 26,910
    Lett Relief 26,821 Qual Days 1550
    Net Gain 89
    CG Allow 21,200

    CGT Bill 0

    Regards Peter


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      Thanx Peter.. Your A star>>>


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      • Renting below market rate

        I having been renting out a property i have, to a mate, for below market rate. Last year for a couple of months, i received less rent than agreed due to unforeseen circumstances.

        So I should have received £17400, but only received £15,400, so I am in deficit of £2k....
        21-07-2017, 23:28 PM
      • Reply to Renting below market rate
        It depends if you forgave the rent or are still owed it.

        You are meant to complete a tax return on an accountancy (rather than a cash) basis, so you pay tax on the rent you are due, not the rent you receive and use a bad debt provision for any rent owed but not received.

        22-07-2017, 09:24 AM
      • Reply to Renting below market rate
        Alternatively (what I do..) is I declare all the rent I SHOULD get, then under "other expenses" include bad-debt, unpaid rent, in your case £2k.

        If you later get this, or some, add to rental income amount.

        Sincerely hope you are evicting "friend" and suing...
        22-07-2017, 07:34 AM
      • Reply to Renting below market rate
        No they can't....
        22-07-2017, 05:50 AM
      • VAT paid on Apartment block maintenance
        Hi All.
        Hope someone can shed light on the following. I own a lease in a purpose built block of flats (30 in 3 linked blocks, with 3 separate entrances).
        We all pay our service charges as requested the freeholders appointed service/managing agent.
        The question I...
        20-07-2017, 08:37 AM
      • Reply to VAT paid on Apartment block maintenance
        There is someone starting from the same misunderstandings in this thread: The thread covers both the trust and exemption aspects.

        I don't think they end up convinced, but that's their problem.
        21-07-2017, 10:42 AM
      • Reply to VAT paid on Apartment block maintenance
        It appears to be exempt, so they can't claim back the VAT even if the money passes through their books.

        Section 42 creates a statutory trust out of the service charges, although there may well have been one implied by the lease. Any service charge you pay on account (e.g. at the beginning...
        21-07-2017, 10:35 AM
      • Reply to VAT paid on Apartment block maintenance
        This FTT ruling gives some more information (in a case that proved an exception to the exemption rules): http://landschamber.decisions.tribun...RX-48-2015.pdf The ruling notes the law is not too clear.

        One point to note is that, according to https://www.g...
        21-07-2017, 10:24 AM
      • Reply to VAT paid on Apartment block maintenance
        thanks again for the replies.
        To be clearer if I may.

        As normal we all pay an annual service charge to cover things like cleaning, gardens, common electric, general maintenance. And I know that all of these services are from one man businesses that are not VAT registered....
        21-07-2017, 10:22 AM
      • Reply to VAT paid on Apartment block maintenance
        I would have thought that it was the section 42 trust that is being charged VAT, not the agent. Obviously the agent's fees are subject to their VAT status, and if they provide maintenance services in house, they would be subject to their status.

        Although not quite the same, my bank charges...
        21-07-2017, 09:49 AM