Borrow money from Residential mortgage after purchase

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  • Borrow money from Residential mortgage after purchase

    Hi All,

    Just finishing up the final bits on our second BTL and have a quick question for those in the know.

    My residential mortgage provider is allowing me to borrow an additional £30k on my house. However, this would need to be at a different, higher rate since my current mortgage is a fantastic base rate tracker and they obviously don't want to lose any further money! This was pre-approved some months ago and has not been progressed so no doubt I will need to resurrect this.

    At the moment, I basically need to front approx. £60k for the BTL. I have the money as cash or I could borrow some of it from my folks.

    If the additional £30k is approved & received after I complete on the BTL, can I offset this once I receive the funds as I would be using it to pay off a loan to my folks or to reinvest my cash?

    Since I am not claiming for amounts above the purchase price of the property and only claiming for interest on loans to fund the property albeit after completion, would love to know your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Instead of hiring an accountant and services company, I have been doing the account and maintenance works myself on my buy-to-let property. While declaring tax return, can I include the hourly rate (as tax deduction) for the works I had done (the account and maintenance services works) ? If I can, is...
    21-08-2017, 23:59 PM
  • Reply to Tax deduction on account and maintenance works
    It's nothing to do with the income being taxable - that's just a red herring.
    It's not allowed because HMRC has decided it's not - it's part of the job of being a landlord.

    If it were to do with the income being taxable, someone who earned less than the tax free allowance could happily...
    22-08-2017, 10:26 AM
  • Reply to Tax deduction on account and maintenance works
    Put another way, are you planning to declare the income you earn from doing this work (and pay tax on it)?
    22-08-2017, 10:09 AM
  • Reply to Tax deduction on account and maintenance works
    You cannot charge for your own time against the rental income because its still part of your annual income for income tax calculation.
    22-08-2017, 06:03 AM
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    I am looking for help with regards to a query about CGT.

    First off, the situation. I own a flat in Dundee. It's been my main and only residence since September 2013 (nearly 4 years). I am planning to move to Edinburgh to be closer to my girlfriend. She owns a flat 50-50...
    21-08-2017, 10:28 AM
  • Reply to Capital Gains Tax Query
    If you buy a cheap flat and re-sell after 6 months , the tax Office may decide the "profit is trading income" and subject to 20% or 40% income tax. You would have to live in the flat for atleast one year or longer to claim main residence and exemption for cgt..

    If you have a...
    21-08-2017, 17:31 PM
  • Clarification on ATED
    Hi guys,

    Just needing some clarification regarding the ‘annual tax on enveloped dwellings’ (ATED). From what I understand, there is a charge of £3500/ year for limited companies owning properties worth >£500,000.

    For arguements sake, if I bought a property for £499,000,...
    21-08-2017, 11:38 AM
  • Reply to Clarification on ATED
    If you’re not sure which value band your property falls into, you may be able to ask HMRC for a Pre-Return Banding Check (PRBC) if:
    • you’re not due a relief that will reduce your ATED charge to nil
    • your property valuation falls within 10% of a banding threshold

    The 10% banding thresholds...
    21-08-2017, 17:03 PM
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    Providing below details, will my spouse...
    02-08-2017, 13:02 PM
  • Reply to Will it trigger SDLT charges?
    If there is a mortgage on the property care must be taken only to transfer the net equity between the couple. Not only is a transfer of the mortgage interests likely to breach the terms of the mortgage with the lender, but being a transfer of an interest in land it could also trigger a stamp duty land...
    21-08-2017, 15:57 PM