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  • Council Tax Dispute

    Hi I am new to forums so I apologise in advance if I do something wrong. I have read some posts re council tax but need advice please.

    I rented a house to 2 students (who are exempt from council tax)and 1 working person. It states in his contract that he has to pay council tax and he received the single person discount. The council have had copies of the contracts and said he had to pay Council Tax to me and I had to pay it to them. Since then he has lost his job.

    We have been told that he is not entitled to Council Tax Benefit because it is a house with shared facilities and that I as landlord am liable because my name is on the account as they class it as an HMO.
    How can this be correct? They were perfectly happy for him to pay council tax for a whole property when he was working, but are now using the fact that he shares a house against him. He cannot afford to pay the council tax despite it being in his contract, because he cannot get benefit. I do not live in that property and already pay my council Tax on the house where I live.
    When I spoke to the council they were unsympathetic and said I have to charge it him in his rent as before. I have cancelled my direct debit to the council until this is resolved - does anyone have any advice as I do not intend to pay this council tax for my tennant.
    Thank you

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    I can not answer your specific question, but please be careful over non-payment of council tax as it is one of the few debts that can result in imprisonment.


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      I suggest you check the policy of your local council to see what they say about which responsible party pays the council tax. Here a link to Glasgow Council :


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        1. You may get more sensible answers on the general board, this board is more focussed on income and capital gains taxes.

        2. Do as Gordon says.

        3. If I understand you correctly, it is stated in his contract that he must pay you the council tax. Just because (a) he is unemployed, or (b) he cannot afford it, or (c) he cannot get benefit, does not, I suspect, relieve him of the duty to pay to you the Council Tax. Likewise, it does not relieve you of the duty to pay an identical sum to the Council. It seems to me that you would both be best served if he were to move out asap. I suggest you reinstate your standing order to the Council and continue to bill your tenant.


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          Originally posted by Snorkerz View Post
          I can not answer your specific question, but please be careful over non-payment of council tax as it is one of the few debts that can result in imprisonment.
          Indeed - as a friend of mine discovered when he had to spend Christmas chez HMP.


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            One of my sources for the uncertainty as to whether money should be accounted as going through the agent's books is sections 1.2.2 and 1.2.4 of ICAEW TECH/03/11
            22-07-2017, 13:41 PM
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   seems to confirm jpkeates worst fears.

            I would add that there are number of things, e.g. pension contributions not paid by the employer, and gift aid, that you can offset against the work salary. Additional income must be added, although, if that...
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            Are you sure that's right?

            My understanding was that you add the capital gain (in full) to your taxable income and that sets the tax rate for the CGT.

            So you add £89k (total £100k less the £11k annual capital allowance) to the income that's taxable - (in this case, £28.5k)...
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          • Reply to VAT paid on Apartment block maintenance
            The service charge funds belong to the leaseholders.

            The managing agents, on behalf of the leaseholders ask for work to be done.
            The bill arrives and they pay it on behalf of the leaseholders.( They pay the bottom line figure which includes vat if chargeable by the contractor )
            22-07-2017, 11:58 AM
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            I having been renting out a property i have, to a mate, for below market rate. Last year for a couple of months, i received less rent than agreed due to unforeseen circumstances.

            So I should have received £17400, but only received £15,400, so I am in deficit of £2k....
            21-07-2017, 23:28 PM
          • Reply to Renting below market rate
            It depends if you forgave the rent or are still owed it.

            You are meant to complete a tax return on an accountancy (rather than a cash) basis, so you pay tax on the rent you are due, not the rent you receive and use a bad debt provision for any rent owed but not received.

            22-07-2017, 09:24 AM
          • Reply to Renting below market rate
            Alternatively (what I do..) is I declare all the rent I SHOULD get, then under "other expenses" include bad-debt, unpaid rent, in your case £2k.

            If you later get this, or some, add to rental income amount.

            Sincerely hope you are evicting "friend" and suing...
            22-07-2017, 07:34 AM