offsetting early repayment charges against tax

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  • offsetting early repayment charges against tax

    I'm new to the site so go easy on me !
    I am locked in to a high interest rate mortgage and want to pay back a chunk of it but will incur early repayment charges from the bank. Can I offset this charge against rental income in the same way as I could for the mortgage interest?

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    Yes yes yes yes


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      For your reference.
      Regards Peter


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        Thanks Pete


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          I just want some clarification on a scenario.

          Say I lived abroad and had a buy to let property in England.

          I want to move back to England and so buy a second property for £500,000 which will become my main residence.

          Do you think it would be cheaper to:
          19-07-2017, 16:01 PM
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          and that "own" is anywhere in the world, just in case you have property overseas also.

          I think you may be confusing SDLT on purchase with the CGT that would be due if you sold a house that wasn't classed as your main residence. As jpkeates pointed out, SDLT is calculated diff...
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        • Reply to Second Home SDLT
          It doesn't work like that - you pay the additional 3% on any property above the first that you own.
          There's a transitional allowance, to help people who sold their home and haven't bought a new one who might otherwise have been caught out., but it wouldn't apply in your scenario.
          19-07-2017, 18:42 PM
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          I have a young child and - were I in paid employment, instead of managing the properties, would be eligible for the new 30 hours of childcare funding. I have spoken to HMRC (numerous times), and after speaking to three people who didn't know their arse from their elbow, I finally got through to someone...
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        • Reply to Paying myself a salary
          There's an anomaly in how renting property is treated which leads to all kinds of unfairness (but hey we're landlord and, therefore, who cares?)

          Rent is seen as investment income, which is passive - and why it doesn't count for income and you don't need to be self employed to do it. But...
          19-07-2017, 18:39 PM
        • Reply to Paying myself a salary
          Thank you all, this is really helpful, and pretty much what I thought. I have previously investigated setting up a limited company, but as this would require transferring the assets (the properties) into the limited company, and because they were bought in London pre-2012, there would be a vast amount...
          19-07-2017, 15:32 PM
        • Reply to Paying myself a salary
          It may be simpler to get a half day job doing book keeping for an estate agent ?
          19-07-2017, 15:25 PM
        • Reply to Paying myself a salary
          I have to say that I think thats grossly unfair and probably borders on breaching the rules of posting on this forum.

          If someone is self employed, and chooses therefore to take the risk of being solely responsible for their own employment (in this case via property management), and can...
          19-07-2017, 15:18 PM
        • Reply to Paying myself a salary
          Why not pay yourself to do childcare so as to be eligible for the childcare funding. It is nonsense. And it is an attempt to steal the tax I pay.
          19-07-2017, 14:40 PM