Tax allowances on unpaid rent and empty property

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  • Tax allowances on unpaid rent and empty property


    I wonder if anybody can advise on this tax matter - i had a tenant who had been good for many years then got gradually further and further behind with his rent (see my post from 2008) so much so that in 2009 and served him notice and took him to court.

    Foolishly i let him persuade me that his situation was now better and he would pay the rent and the arrears. After a couple of months he was back to the way he was before, just paying little bits.

    In 2010, i then took him to court again and because he had not turned up, i gained possession. Upon entering the property it became obvious he had left several months before - even though his possessions were all there - including food in the fridge and clothes in the washing machine!!

    The property was a wreck and needed to be re -carpeted, and repainted throughout along with a new boiler and other work. The work and boiler cost about £7000, and the total lose of rent (including arrears, plus the time it was empty before i knew, and the time it was empty whilst i did work before anybody could move in) came to approx £15000.

    I normally get sent a tax form every other year and i declare the earnings from the property, although i did not get one this year or last. Normally with allowances for wear and tear etc i barely make a profit in the eyes of the tax man.

    I now have a tenant, through an agent, so want to alert the tax office. Can anybody suggest which of the above expenses are claimable on this years tax form, and which can be carried forward etc.


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