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    Tax and what's deductable

    Hi, i know that there are certain things that are classed as deductable / allowable expenses but can i claim for my own time if i've done the work at the property and if so how much can i claim eg - £20/h etc?


    If you could, it would just be taxable on you anyway as income (just like your plumber's income is taxable on him).


      Hi, I'm a first time overseas landlord with 1 property (former home) and have just had confirmation from the UK tax office that my landlord will not be taking income tax at source. This is due to my only income source in Sterling is going to be the profit from my one house. However, what I would like to know is, what can I offset from any profit I make. I know I can take offset the 10% agency fees and annual boiler service, but unsure what else. I did provide a forecast for the UK tax office and provided them with the estate agents 'code' and so no income tax is going to be taken off with the given forecast?
      The other qtns I have is, the EA started marketing the property in April but only just secured a tenant end of Sept. When will I have to provide my 1st self-assessment and can I claim bk the VAT that the EA are currently deducting from the 10% agency fee as they are managing the property for me? many thanks.


        1. VAT cannot be reclaimed.
        2. You may offset all costs incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of your business. So any mortgage interest (but not capital) costs.
        3. First tax return in respect of the year to April 2012, due by 31 January 2013 (online).


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          Considering selling our rental property and trying to estimate how much CGT is due. We are both basic rate tax payers and the gain from the property will take us into higher rate, so the amount of tax we pay will depend on income for that year – it does vary year to year. I presume the relevant income...
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          by Gordon999
          The capital gains Tax form SA108 is submitted after sale of property .

          07-07-2022, 11:38 AM
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          by slopemaster
          Thank you all
          06-07-2022, 14:47 PM
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          by Lesney Park

          You do, or better an accountant but essentially you report and pay the gain at HMRC estimating what you need to, and then report it again essentially in your tax return...
          06-07-2022, 08:34 AM
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          by jpkeates
          You estimate your income for this year and declare and pay the tax accordingly.
          When you complete your tax return for the tax year, the figures are adjusted then....
          06-07-2022, 08:27 AM
        • Reply to CGT and income
          by theartfullodger
          60 days not 2 months.
          06-07-2022, 07:50 AM
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          How old are these children if they have yet to go to university?...
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          Hello again.

          Just wondering if someone can advise.

          If I sell a BTL to my children who do not own their own property, I understand that they'll get the stamp duty relief.... two questions then.

          If they're buying the £350,000 jointly, does the relief count for...
          03-07-2022, 21:52 PM
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          If the buyers are going to rent the property while they go to university, it may meet the criteria for Stamp Duty Relief but it may not.
          It would be unusual for siblings leaving university to be able to commit to cohabit in a particular place when they graduate.

          There's obviously...
          04-07-2022, 15:14 PM
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          Apart from anything else, if you are selling the property to the kids, you are getting cash and they have a 100% mortgage - and then they are not actually paying a mortgage on 100% of 350K you will be paying it -- it is not a classic GROB, but risks falling foul of GROB rules - so when you die, even...
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