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    Tax on income when no proof of rent

    Hello, my brother bought our parents house from them as they had suffered some major financial problems and he didn't want to see them have to sell up and go into a council place. He agreed to buy their property (with a mortgage) and live there with them and they'd pay enough rent to cover his mortgage.

    This arrangement worked well until he met a girl and bought a 2nd property with her (with another mortgage) about 3 years ago. This is now his main residence.

    Our parents continue to live in his old house, he has gained permission from the lender to rent it out. They continue to pay rent (his mortgage) on that property (although it went down a year or so ago so he is using about £100 of what they pay him pcm as overpayments on that morgage now). They are paying council tax and all the bills there.

    So he is in a situation where he's paying off the mortgage on his rented property with their rent. They did have a tenancy agreement in place initially, but this hasn't been renewed each year.

    I wondered what the tax implications are for him with this arrangement? He's not declaring this rent as income as he says he's not profiting in any way. I'm concerned that he'll get a nasty tax shock someday. Both his mortgage lenders know about the arrangement.

    There may come a time when our parents retire and will need to claim HB in order to stay there. He's said he'll consult an accountant then and said that in the meantime, if queried by the tax man he'll say they're just repaying a loan to him each month, it's not rent. He's aware that he'll have to pay CGT on it when he finally sells it.

    What do you think? I need some facts to give him really. Thank you.

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  • Reply to When to claim accountant expense, same year or can it be added to previous year?
    by Gordon999
    The accountant has to start work after 6 April 2021 in order to cover the whole tax year of 2020-2021..

    So accountant's bill is correctly entered as an expense in current year.
    19-10-2021, 09:09 AM
  • When to claim accountant expense, same year or can it be added to previous year?
    by cuttingman
    Doing tax return for 2020-2021, paid accountant at the beginning of this month to check it. I gave them all my expenses including their fees and they put it in the tax return. But now that I thought about it because I paid in the 2021-2022 tax year I should add this expense to the next tax return....
    18-10-2021, 11:42 AM
  • Reply to When to claim accountant expense, same year or can it be added to previous year?
    by jpkeates
    Expenses should be claimed when they're committed or paid, so it looks like a mistake to me.
    18-10-2021, 11:59 AM
  • Reply to CGT check appreciated, thanks in advance!
    by Gordon999
    OK. Your capital gain =£22,242 less £12, 300 = £9942 x 18% = £ 1790 tax bill to pay.
    17-10-2021, 17:53 PM
  • CGT check appreciated, thanks in advance!
    by tatemono
    Would really appreciate some help checking figures. Figures below are halved because my sister and I inherit in equal shares.
    • property valued at £187,500 at date of mother's death in Jan 2015
    • recent sale value £217,500
    • improvement costs £5,318
    • costs of sale: £2,440.50
    • no reliefs
    • my profit
    16-10-2021, 15:15 PM
  • Reply to CGT Query
    by jessa46
    Thanks for reply, much appreciated.
    I asked my solicitor about the 30 day rule and he emailed me back saying I didn't need to do this as no cgt to pay but, as I do a yearly self assessment, to include it my self assessment. I'll be sending it off this week. There's a website called 'xxxx' which...
    17-10-2021, 16:33 PM
  • CGT Query
    by jessa46
    I have never claimed CGT allowance but may need to after selling an inherited property. The property gained in value during probate. The sold price was £153k and the valuation at death for 'capital gains purposes' was £130000. There are 3 shares. My share of selling price is £51k and share of gain...
    13-10-2021, 17:37 PM
  • Reply to CGT Query
    by AndrewDod
    - You have to submit the CGT calculations within 30 days regardless of whether there is CGT to pay (else you get large and increasing fines)

    No it is not added to your income for this purpose
    17-10-2021, 15:54 PM
  • Reply to CGT Query
    by jessa46
    Thank you for replies. Re how it was valued, this is where my head spins. Our mum passed away around 8 years ago. We got probate in 2019. Property was transferred into 3 siblings names in 2020, so that we could benefit from personal CGT allowance. The solicitor sent us a document 'for hmrc cgt purposes'...
    17-10-2021, 15:13 PM
  • Reply to CGT check appreciated, thanks in advance!
    by AndrewDod
    I'd imagine it would be payable as CGT by the individuals. Certainly that would apply to interest earned on savings during probate so don't think CGT would be different. It is definitely not payable by the estate (that would be grossly unfair to some beneficiaries who had not used various allowances)....
    17-10-2021, 13:05 PM