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  • council tax on empty property...

    am i right in saying that if a property is empty, then 50% council tax is levied?

    what if the property is empty and unfurnished - is council tax still payable?

    was there ever a period when the council tax was zero for an empty property? if so, what date did it rise to 50%?

    i'm asking as i had a property empty from 2005 until 2009 and they are requesting the full council tax on it for this period - had it empty as i couldnt afford to rennovate it - its rented out now tho

    thanks in advance for any assistance on the matter

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    Go to your local council office and get a copy of the the council tax rules on empty properties . My council will offer a reduction after their inspector has inspected the property to confirm all furniture completely removed but only for 6 months max.


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      An unfurnished house is exempt under a Class C exemption for 6 months after it first becomes empty. This does not start again if ownership changes.

      After the 6 months has expired, the charge will vary from council to council as since 2004 they have been able to set this standard empty charge at between 50% to 100% of the full charge. Have a look at your Council website, it will probably tell you this under their section on Council Tax.

      If you were the owner back in 2005 when it first became empty, then you should have got 6 months with no charge then be charged at the standard rate until it became unoccupied again (between 50% and 90%).

      Some councils will only grant a reduction if an inspection has taken place but this is not in legislation so if you are not getting charged at an empty rate and you can prove it was empty, then you should get the charged at the unoccupied rate.


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        council tax

        i have a property that i've been renovating for over 6 months. during that time, i had an exemption from council tax, but now it's expired and i'm paying.

        worse, the LA charge 100% for empty properties.

        afaik, i just have to lump it.


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          If the property was unfit for occupation, you don't have to pay. e.g. No kitchen or bathroom


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