Documenting/proving main residence funds BTL...

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    Documenting/proving main residence funds BTL...

    Hi there,

    Having purchased a property with a mortgage it will now be rented out.

    I want to increase the mortgage on my main residence and pay off the one sitting on what will be a buy to let.

    I understand that I can use additional borrowing on my main residence to fund the BTL (offsetting the mortage interest) but i'm not sure:

    * What will best way to document this for the tax man to ensure I can continue to offset the mortage interest against the rental income (I guess a copy of my bank statement showing funds coming in from my main residence mortage company and then going back out to to pay off the BTL mortage comapny?)

    2) Does it matter if I do this prior to or after starting to let?

    Many thanks for the advice

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