99:1 for income, 50:50 for CGT

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    99:1 for income, 50:50 for CGT

    I'm sure I read on here many moons ago that with the correct paperwork it's quite easy to setup a BTL so (for example) wife gets taxed on 99% of income to husband's 1%, but on any eventual sale, the gain gets split 50:50 so both get to use £10,100 annual exemption etc.

    Can't seem to find a thread that describes this situation now. Can someone please clarify what needs to be done for this to work, or point me to an existing thread if there is one still archived.

    Many thanks.



      Cheers...and just to confirm, there's no reason why you can't have a (say) 99:1 split for income, and send form 17 to HMRC reflecting that, whilst also having a 50:50 split for gains?


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        Elderly parents in early 80s, one in not so good health.

        Lived in the same home (no mortgage etc) for 50+ years - now worth approx £180,000 - £200,000 and they have minimal savings.

        Looking ahead, if one has to go into care (or council provided home care) I understand there...
        11-08-2022, 11:12 AM
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        If they are left with a house bought 50 years ago and nothing else it certainly hasn't been a financially productive life has it? Either they have earned very little or spent quite a lot. Seems a bit odd to then think there would be anything left for the kids after either scenario....
        12-08-2022, 16:55 PM
      • Reply to Giving/Gifting House to Kids
        by Tony-Edwards
        Ha-Ha don't try and deflect it back to me.

        I posted a scenario with info to ask for peoples views - yet you chose to go on the attack lol...
        12-08-2022, 15:25 PM
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        by gnvqsos
        The house is being exchanged for the provision of care .Why should the family inherit the house, benefit from a windfall, and expect others to fund their parental care? The family could fund the care and then house could be inherited as and when the parents pass on.. There is also equity release as...
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        Then why are you getting involved?...
        12-08-2022, 13:58 PM
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        Ah how sweet - and clearly you CANNOT READ !!!!!

        As previously stated - quite clearly I thought - " (BTW they're not my parents or kids) "...
        12-08-2022, 13:37 PM
      • Reply to Giving/Gifting House to Kids
        by Hollywood
        I'm not even sure the £86000 lifetime limit has come into being yet. I also think the care home fees have to have the personal care cost element removed.
        12-08-2022, 12:48 PM
      • Reply to Giving/Gifting House to Kids
        by jpucng62
        Two points:

        1. Why should the tax payer pick up the bill for the parents care if they have assets? I really don't understand this point of view.

        2. I would rather pay for my care and get a choice than rely on the Council & get possible a worse standard of care.
        12-08-2022, 09:53 AM
      • Reply to Giving/Gifting House to Kids
        by royw
        I'm not quite quite sure why you think they are being robbed? They have assets so can afford to pay for themselves. I would consider the council tax payers - many of whom can only dream of owning their own home - to have been robbed if they have to pay for it.
        Totally agree about those who could...
        11-08-2022, 22:45 PM
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