SA - BTL question re unfurnished let

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    SA - BTL question re unfurnished let

    Hi, this is a very basic question, but this is my first tax return as a BTL landlord and I just want to check I've done it right before I submit my form.

    I have 2 properties, both bought during 07-08 tax year; 1 is let furnished the other unfurnished.

    I know I can claim the 10% depreciation for the furnished one, plus the cost of certain repairs I've had to do.

    For the unfurnished one, I don't seem to be able to claim anything apart from insurance and the gas maintenance contract. I didn't have to do any repairs during that tax year. The lease was drawn up by the lawyer I used to buy the property, he didn't charge for it and I had no costs in finding a tenant.

    Am I correct in thinking there's nothing I can claim for this property?

    Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I've entered the finance costs, insurance and gas maintenance.


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