Changing 10% 'wear & tear' allowance to 'Renewals'?

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    Changing 10% 'wear & tear' allowance to 'Renewals'?

    I let my flat fully furnished, but have had a T abandon the flat owing rent and even stole items. Police did speak to him yet stated as the items have not been found, it's his word against ours. Anyway I now want to rent the property unfurnished due to this, As I have used the 10% wear and tear in the past I was wondering if I could change it to the Renewals. I have read that you can not chop and change year in year out, and I have also read by an expert that the way the rule is worded they think you can change at least once, does anyone know if this is allowed or heard about anyone who has done this.
    Kind regards

    Have a read of

    Anyway, I think you're overcomplicating things. You will no longer be letting "furnished", so you will no longer be entitled to the 10%.

    You are not replacing the items - as you are letting "unfurnished" so there is no "renewals" basis to worry about.

    Therefore you move into a neither situation. If, in the future, you decide to let it furnished again, then at that point you can choose either to claim the 10% or the renewals basis (obviously the first lot of furniture you buy would be the first lot, so would not be eligible for relief as "renewals").


      Thanks Telometer. I understand now, got a bit confussed with the renewals.

      What you might be able to help me out on though or anyone else, I have ripped up the carpet and will be laying laminate, would I be able to claim the cost of the laminate?

      The bath and sink also have cracks in them so I will be looking to put in a new bathroom suite, and I am replacing the front door from wooden to PVC. I think I am right in saying I can only claim for the offset ie Bathroom I am looking at is £500 but the one it is replacing is about £250 so I can only claim £250. Do these claims get included in the self assessment I fill out in April for the tax year 2008/2009.


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