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  • Gordon999
    You have owned the property for 38 years ( 1984 - 2022 ) and lived in the property for 22 Years ( 1984-2006 ) plus 16 years for letting..

    The total capital gain over 38 years is apportioned between "residence period" ( exempt for cgt ) and "letting period" ( liable for cgt ) .

    If total capital gain is, say, £200K over 38 years , then approx "letting period gain" = £200K x 15 /38 = £78K becomes taxable.

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  • ash72
    You should seek advice from an accountant, or a property tax for tailored advice to your specific circumstances, you may be entitled to some relief if the property at any time was your own principal residence.

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  • theartfullodger
    You declare (online) and pay CGT within 60 days of sale. Depending on the numbers I would expect you to pay CGT. What records do you have of applicable costs, etc?

    What you pay will depend on what CGT rules when you sell - v unlikely to be better than today, possibly worse. Covid, cost of leaving (Brex**it), Ukraine etc need paying for.

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  • Ollyn
    started a topic Capital Gains Tax dilemma

    Capital Gains Tax dilemma


    I am considering whether to sell my house which has been let for some time and need to see how I can best deal with CGT.

    I lived in the property from 1984 until 2006.

    From 2006 it has been occupied by tenants, now vacant and being renovated.

    Can anyone advise me on how I would be impacted by CGT. I would sell and buy another property.

    Many thanks for any advice.

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    Elderly parents in early 80s, one in not so good health.

    Lived in the same home (no mortgage etc) for 50+ years - now worth approx £180,000 - £200,000 and they have minimal savings.

    Looking ahead, if one has to go into care (or council provided home care) I understand there...
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  • Reply to Giving/Gifting House to Kids
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    You seem to know a great deal of events in the 70s,or are you relying on hearsay?...
    19-08-2022, 16:41 PM
  • Capital Gains Tax
    by LVA
    Apologies if this has been covered in this website but I've looked and cannot find...

    I bought my flat in 1997, rented it out in 2001 (ish), returned to live in it in March 2020. Its approx 27 years ownership and 7 ish years living in it.

    My accountant tells me the CGT...
    16-08-2022, 12:59 PM
  • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
    by gnvqsos
    very basic,indeed!
    19-08-2022, 16:37 PM
  • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
    by AndrewDod
    Inflation as a form of indirect taxation is basic economics, well described in about 15 million academic articles....
    19-08-2022, 09:18 AM
  • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
    by gnvqsos

    Inflation can be corrosive but it is not a tax ,as the government do not receive a corresponding income. The government spend money derived from either tax receipts ,trading income or by borrowing through the sale of securities/bonds. Printed money is distributed by commercial...
    18-08-2022, 18:59 PM
  • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
    by Gordon999
    The capital gains is charged at 18% or 28 % rate, and this depends on your job income, which is taxed at 20% or 40% .

    Assuming the capital gains tax rate is about 25% average , your total gain is probably around 4 x £50K = £200K ( or over. )

    If you are married...
    18-08-2022, 11:26 AM
  • Reply to Overseas
    by jpkeates
    I suspect that the accountant wasn't citing the regulations, he was explaining the reality....
    18-08-2022, 11:18 AM
  • Overseas
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    I will be moving to Spain for between 6-9months and I will obviously be paying my taxes and I spoke to a Spainish tax accountant who said the authorities won’t be interested in anybody who stays for less than a year as long as you can prove you pay tax in your own country? I’ve never heard...
    17-08-2022, 08:05 AM
  • Reply to Giving/Gifting House to Kids
    by Tony-Edwards
    It wasn't meant to question HMRC - it was a response to the rude and thoughtless comments made by some....
    18-08-2022, 09:51 AM