Capital Gains Tax dilemma

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    Capital Gains Tax dilemma


    I am considering whether to sell my house which has been let for some time and need to see how I can best deal with CGT.

    I lived in the property from 1984 until 2006.

    From 2006 it has been occupied by tenants, now vacant and being renovated.

    Can anyone advise me on how I would be impacted by CGT. I would sell and buy another property.

    Many thanks for any advice.

    You declare (online) and pay CGT within 60 days of sale. Depending on the numbers I would expect you to pay CGT. What records do you have of applicable costs, etc?

    What you pay will depend on what CGT rules when you sell - v unlikely to be better than today, possibly worse. Covid, cost of leaving (Brex**it), Ukraine etc need paying for.

    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      You should seek advice from an accountant, or a property tax for tailored advice to your specific circumstances, you may be entitled to some relief if the property at any time was your own principal residence.


        You have owned the property for 38 years ( 1984 - 2022 ) and lived in the property for 22 Years ( 1984-2006 ) plus 16 years for letting..

        The total capital gain over 38 years is apportioned between "residence period" ( exempt for cgt ) and "letting period" ( liable for cgt ) .

        If total capital gain is, say, £200K over 38 years , then approx "letting period gain" = £200K x 15 /38 = £78K becomes taxable.


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        • Reply to SDLT and first time buyers
          by DoricPixie
          How old are these children if they have yet to go to university?...
          04-07-2022, 22:50 PM
        • SDLT and first time buyers
          by mpppen
          Hello again.

          Just wondering if someone can advise.

          If I sell a BTL to my children who do not own their own property, I understand that they'll get the stamp duty relief.... two questions then.

          If they're buying the £350,000 jointly, does the relief count for...
          03-07-2022, 21:52 PM
        • Reply to SDLT and first time buyers
          by jpkeates
          If the buyers are going to rent the property while they go to university, it may meet the criteria for Stamp Duty Relief but it may not.
          It would be unusual for siblings leaving university to be able to commit to cohabit in a particular place when they graduate.

          There's obviously...
          04-07-2022, 15:14 PM
        • Reply to SDLT and first time buyers
          by AndrewDod
          Apart from anything else, if you are selling the property to the kids, you are getting cash and they have a 100% mortgage - and then they are not actually paying a mortgage on 100% of 350K you will be paying it -- it is not a classic GROB, but risks falling foul of GROB rules - so when you die, even...
          04-07-2022, 14:45 PM
        • Reply to SDLT and first time buyers
          by mpppen

          Yes, the lender is happy to lend them 100% the purchase price so not gifting on our side. In essence, it's just removing it from our name into theirs as he is also our lender.

          It's unusual I appreciate but it's a private commercial lender - if that makes sense. His...
          04-07-2022, 13:55 PM
        • Reply to SDLT and first time buyers
          by AndrewDod
          A few other comments:

          Depending where you are HMRC is not going to believe "no increase in value over past two years". An estate agent assessment may not be worth much at all. If challenged and HMRC do their own assessment you may be paying tax on a 20% uplift of 350K = quite...
          04-07-2022, 13:45 PM
        • Reply to SDLT and first time buyers
          by mpppen
          Thanks both.

          The intent is for them to live there but they may want to rent it out while they go off to university. That's where I'm struggling as to whether the Stamp Duty relief applies or not.

          CGT wouldn't apply as the property hasn't increased in value significantly since...
          04-07-2022, 13:11 PM
        • Reply to SDLT and first time buyers
          by AndrewDod
          Capital gains tax?
          Who assessed market value?
          Are they actually paying for this?
          04-07-2022, 08:35 AM
        • Are letting agent fees(2 year lease,change of tenant) considered allowable expenses
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          This question is about allowable expenses for tax deduction.
          Are letting agent fees for a 24 month lease(with a 16 month break clause) after a change of tenant considered as revenue or capital expenditure?
          I use a cash basis for accounting. The fees were paid in two lump sums. One at the...
          03-07-2022, 13:26 PM
        • Reply to Are letting agent fees(2 year lease,change of tenant) considered allowable expenses
          by AndrewDod
          Absolutely northing at all to do with capital expenditure
          04-07-2022, 08:31 AM