Looking for tax / financial advice for a BTL /holiday let long-held portfolio

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    Looking for tax / financial advice for a BTL /holiday let long-held portfolio

    Can anyone recommend someone to help my partner and I work out which property makes financial sense to sell, so that the income can be used to reduce other BTL mortgages on the properties that do produce good income? Also, we'd like to use the cash to buy something bigger as our own home.

    Most of the places, we've had for over 20 years and they were mainly holiday lets until covid. I've never used a lettings agent, and I've never sold, so don't know about CGT but know I can't devote all this time as I have been when some of the units only make a couple of grand net profit a year. Also, my partner is now disabled plus my dad died last year and I will now need to take care of my mum also. She may need to move in with us.

    I've googled and have found Kreston Reeves and UK Property Tax Limited but I don't like picking a random company.

    We do have an accountant. They are lovely but they're more reactive and are not tax advisors.

    Thank you.

    Capital gains tax payable after sale of a residential property is charged at 18% or 28%.

    The first £12,300 of the capital gains ( sold between from 6 April to 5 April in following year ) is tax free .



      I watched a webinar from Landlord studio and this man Tony Gimple was featured in it. Have a look at his Linkedin profile:
      He has a website whereby he consults exactly to your situation:

      I haven't used him myself, but from the webinar, he was a straight talking man and you can see his experience from his Linkedin profile and website.
      They said on the webinar that you can contact him and looking on his website you can contact him via his website for a free consultation. I'm sure that he is the person you are after. In a situation like yours, it's very difficult to know who to reach out to for advice and I'm sure that Tony would help you.


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