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    No Neelix, I don't approve of tax evasion.

    As it happens, I am the friend who has convinced the lady that it was best all round if she made a clean breast of it and fessed up as soon as possible via the Let Property Campaign and am using such talants as I posess to help her to do so.

    Artful Lodger - Thank you for your sarcasm. My words wern't meant to be kind, but honest.

    You see, when I see a friend who is in trouble, I am the kind of friend who would want to help her out of it. You said yourself that you would rather dismiss the friendship - ergo, not much of a friend.

    Thanks once again to those who have helped. I (and my friend) really do(es) appreciate it.


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    • Reply to HPI out-pacing PRR accumulation
      by lllccc
      Hi Gordon, unfortunately it was not, hence the question.
      04-12-2021, 16:07 PM
    • HPI out-pacing PRR accumulation
      by lllccc
      I wondered if anyone else has been in this situation and what would you do about it? I now only own the one property (and live in it), but due to substantial renovation period before moving in the CGT will only increase now (assuming HPI increasing at 3.6% which is not unreasonable). I didn't understand...
      04-12-2021, 14:20 PM
    • Reply to HPI out-pacing PRR accumulation
      by Gordon999
      If the property has been your "main residence" since purchase, there is no tax on capital gain .
      04-12-2021, 14:40 PM
    • Will they raise taxes again?
      by JK0
      My accountant just finished my 2020/21 tax return, and my income is half of the previous year. I did not think it would be quite that bad. (Half my tenants moved out, and I had a job to replace them. Plus had to get fourteen EICR's!)

      I'm guessing you guys are in a similar boat. Never mind...
      27-11-2021, 20:20 PM
    • Reply to Will they raise taxes again?
      by Gordon999
      The Daily Mail reported on 29 Oct 2021 the 1.25 p increase for social care levy commencing in 2022 , will take £16 Bil from our pockets. The freezing of personal allowance for income tax at £12570 until 2026 will take £19 Bill by 2025/2026.
      02-12-2021, 11:18 AM
    • Reply to Will they raise taxes again?
      by Gordon999
      Corporation tax for large companies ( over £250K profit ) will be raised from 19% to 25% rate commencing from April 2023.
      30-11-2021, 21:35 PM
    • Reply to Corporation Tax
      by Gordon999
      There seems to be 2 problems ( I am not an accountant ) :

      (1.) The company has to pay £30,000 tax due to revaluation of property asset increased higher by £150,000 ( estimated). Does it have the cash in its bank account to pay ?

      ( 2) husband owns one third interest of property...
      30-11-2021, 14:09 PM
    • Reply to Will they raise taxes again?
      by theartfullodger
      Taxes bound to go up, huge amounts to pay for Covid & BR*X*it. Death & taxes, death & taxes.

      Holding off working out my position, wishing to remain cheerful for Christmas.

      Best wishes to all...
      28-11-2021, 10:45 AM
    • Reply to Will they raise taxes again?
      by Neelix
      ^^ please don’t take this the wrong way but £10 k down on what turnover or number of properties?

      i’ve done a lot of EICRs and remedial work over the last 18 months and a lot of it was because properties hadn’t been inspected and some were just dangerous....
      28-11-2021, 10:29 AM
    • Reply to Will they raise taxes again?
      by jpkeates
      I'm about £10k down and it's mostly electrical work.

      I can't see this government putting up taxes anymore before the next election, although there's nothing to say that they won't figure out how to tax landlords more specifically - there's few votes lost there.

      My candidate...
      28-11-2021, 10:07 AM