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    Thank you for your work in the NHS!

    I've found that the first sessions were the most valuable in terms of what could be saved, and the value has diminished slightly and the costs of the returns being done has stayed the same/slightly increased, so it feels like it's less worth it.
    But, obviously, some of the savings recur each year and there's a lot less stress.

    And the accountancy costs seem acceptable as business expenses (although, as far as I can see they shouldn't really be).
    So you get the standard tax payer's "discount."
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Thank you for your kind words JP and the tips re using an accountant. Having been taxed at source all my working life this is very useful information. I will look round for an accountant. A friend of mine who is also a landlord as well as having a day job has one, so maybe a personal recommendation is the way to go. Thanks again.


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      • Tax implications of remortgaging home for a deposit on a BTL
        by Jerry777

        I would be grateful if anyone could help with this query.

        I am remortgaging my home to raise a deposit for a BTL property, and I wondered when I submit my SA tax return, if I would be entitled to a tax credit for the interest on the residential mortgage in the same way as...
        20-06-2021, 18:58 PM
      • Reply to Need CGT help or do i ned an accountant
        by Gordon999
        I suggest you send a letter by recorder delivery :

        Tax Ref: xxxxx xxxxx

        Dear Tax Inspector,

        I am the owner of a btl property at 88 Garden terrace , Toy Town .

        I wish to inform you that my rental tenant stopped paying rent in Sept 2019 .
        20-06-2021, 14:18 PM
      • Need CGT help or do i ned an accountant
        by Sara2
        Mother died in 2007 left house to me and my 2 sibs it was family home and i lived in it until 1985 when i had my own house. My brother also lived in house at point mum died and he remained there until 2010 when not being able to sell the property i purchased whole of property by buying brother and...
        13-06-2021, 11:53 AM
      • Reply to Capital Gain Tax on main home, but let in the past
        by Gordon999
        The first period used as main residence is 3 years plus 9 months after moving away. The second period as main residence is 2 years.

        So out of 10 years ownership , the total capital gain is apportioned 5 years plus 9 months as "main residence and 4 years and 3 months under rental...
        20-06-2021, 14:05 PM
      • Capital Gain Tax on main home, but let in the past
        by Gep
        Hi all,
        I'm thinking about selling my flat and trying to workout how much capital gain tax I would have to pay.
        ​​Accordingly to the HMRC website the rate is 28% if you let the property out, but I'm currently living there so I'm not sure.

        I've owned the property for 10 years:...
        18-06-2021, 17:32 PM
      • inherited house - best to sell or rent
        by Wobble1
        Hi all,

        My father sadly passed away in February, I already owned half of his house as tenants in common via my mothers will (passed several years before), although I didn't live there with him. Have my own house nearby. I am sole beneficiary of his will, and as well as everything else,...
        17-06-2021, 20:32 PM
      • Reply to inherited house - best to sell or rent
        by Gordon999
        If you want to keep both houses and rent out one house, you should visit 3 local estate agents and make enquiries with lettings manager :
        to check out the following info :

        1. What is the rental demand for property in your district or street area ? flats or houses ? furnished...
        20-06-2021, 13:57 PM
      • Reply to inherited house - best to sell or rent
        by Gordon999
        1. If you decide to sell father 's house now, the capital gain will come mainly from your own half share .

        If the capital gain on your half share is around £50K , the cgt tax may be around £50K less £12K allowance = £38K at 18% = £7K .

        The capital gain on the half...
        20-06-2021, 13:32 PM
      • Reply to Capital Gain Tax on main home, but let in the past
        by Gep
        Thank you!
        19-06-2021, 18:59 PM
      • Reply to inherited house - best to sell or rent
        by ram
        CGT is shown in post 8 ( i am no expert in CGT )

        Even if you let a house, it still has to be cleared of EVERYTHING, YES EVERYTHING. maybe even furnished with furniture that has stickers on saying fire proofish. empty cupboards, dressers, under the stars, garage, potting shed, tidy the garden,...
        19-06-2021, 13:20 PM