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    Benefit in Kind.

    My brother and I are the directors of the company whose 3 leaseholders jointly own the freehold to the three flats in the property. To date we have granted, at no charge, 2 lease extensions of 999 years one for a leaseholder/shareholder who was not a director and one to ourselves as a leaseholder/shareholder. However we have been advised by a leaseholder/shareholder that when we issued the second lease extension as directors to ourselves as leaseholders "that this will result in a benefit in kind on you, upon which you will be liable to pay income tax at your marginal rates, and [the company] will be liable to employer’s NI [1A] on the benefit although as correct procedure was not carried out at the time, the company can claim that back from the directors involved. Therefore, the company is legally obliged to issue P11Ds and report them to HMRC." What is the position please?

    To simplify my earlier post. Do the directors of the company which owns the freehold gain a 'Benefit in Kind' when they give themselves as leaseholders a lease extension for free. They had already given a similar lease extension for free to another leaseholder.


      The value of the freehold decreases by roughly the same about as the benefit you gain as lessee. I can't see this is an overall benefit or taxable.

      The fact that you are a Director is not relevant one way or the other (of course you cannot make decisions as Director that are in your interest whilst treating ordinary shareholders differently - but you are not doing that). .


        Managing Rental Properties :
        (A) Under Self management and sole trader :

        Pros : (1) Maximises rental profit for property owner.
        ( 2) Rental profit declared in SATR tax return
        ( 3) lower interest rate for mortgage loan

        Cons : (1) cannot charge for own labour
        ( 2) Chargeable Expenses limited to payment to other parties .
        ( 3) Rental profit added to job income and taxed at 20%. 40% or 45%.
        (4) Dealing direct with rental tenant.

        (B ) Under Ltd Company .

        Pros : (1) Separate legal entity and separate tax return
        (2) Max imum company tax rate is 19%
        (3) Director can be paid salary.

        Cons : (1) Filing Annual Accounts to Companies House.
        (2) Liability for National Insurance for employees.
        (3) Filing company tax return
        (4) Requires 2 directors .


          Sorry, above reply posted to wrong thread,


            If the company is not trading with outside parties, it is holding the freehold title on behalf of the 3 leaseholders.

            When the leaseholder is on both sides of the extension and the transaction is "done at no charge", its treated as "trading with yourself" and there is no capital gain.


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              The taxman's method of calculating :

              Capital gain is the Sale Price ( say £200K ) minus Purchase Price ( say £130K ) = £70K capital gain.

              But buying and selling expenses are allowable and include the conveyancing cost : say £1K plus estate agent'...
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              Evening all,

              I am currently looking to move house and also have a rental property that has around £200k equity in it.

              The rental house had consent to let and on a repayment mortgage and has 3 years to go until I can switch deals.

              I have spoken to a mortgage broker...
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              Thank you for your kind words JP and the tips re using an accountant. Having been taxed at source all my working life this is very useful information. I will look round for an accountant. A friend of mine who is also a landlord as well as having a day job has one, so maybe a personal recommendation...
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              Thank you for your work in the NHS!

              I've found that the first sessions were the most valuable in terms of what could be saved, and the value has diminished slightly and the costs of the returns being done has stayed the same/slightly increased, so it feels like it's less worth it.
              12-04-2021, 08:28 AM
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              by jase222
              I been looking at spreadsheets to list my expenses and every template I find seems to allocate expenses per house ie 5 houses = 5 separate sheets whereas I just put everything down on one sheet.
              I would like to know if I have been doing it wrong all these years.
              ​​​​​​Any help...
              11-04-2021, 13:53 PM
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              by jpkeates
              I use one page of a spreadsheet for all the income and expenses and have other pages which automatically summarise the data property by property.
              12-04-2021, 08:24 AM
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              by jpkeates
              When you sell the property, you can't retain any of the equity, so that doesn't really make any sense to me.
              On disposal, the mortgage will end and have to be repaid.

              The value of the rental property when first let is also a limit to the amount of the loan against which interest can...
              12-04-2021, 08:22 AM
            • Reply to Switching mortgage to BTL and tax implications
              by dotcotton999
              Gordon999 thanks for your reply. In regards to CGT so if I was due to sell a house I could request to remove all the equity before the sale and wouldn’t be subject to CGT... that doesn’t seem right.

              In regards to switching my mortgage from repayment to and interest only... would I incur...
              11-04-2021, 19:31 PM
            • Reply to spreadsheet
              by Gordon999
              Its good to keep a separate sheet for each property because when you come to sell one house , you may want to show the rental and expenses records for one house to prospective buyers.
              11-04-2021, 19:08 PM