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    Self assessement questions

    I'm just doing my wife and my self assessment.

    We own a property together in the a 90/10 % split.

    The first question online is whether my income from property is greater than £1000.


    I've itemized all costs and interest etc on a spreadsheet and allocated 90% of them to my wife.

    that seems fair to the tax man.

    We also had a lodger in main residence for a few months and my share of that would be 50% and would be less than the £3750 allowed by the rent a room scheme.

    but I can't work out how I opt in to the scheme.

    The lodger allowance is £7500 p.a and not required to report in tax return.


      It's 3750 each, if the house is jointly owned.

      I've just read the guidance, and I'd misread it before.

      right I'll ignore it.


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