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    Self assessement questions

    I'm just doing my wife and my self assessment.

    We own a property together in the a 90/10 % split.

    The first question online is whether my income from property is greater than £1000.


    I've itemized all costs and interest etc on a spreadsheet and allocated 90% of them to my wife.

    that seems fair to the tax man.

    We also had a lodger in main residence for a few months and my share of that would be 50% and would be less than the £3750 allowed by the rent a room scheme.

    but I can't work out how I opt in to the scheme.

    The lodger allowance is £7500 p.a and not required to report in tax return.


      It's 3750 each, if the house is jointly owned.

      I've just read the guidance, and I'd misread it before.

      right I'll ignore it.


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      • capital gains bill when due
        by halfax
        sold a property in august 2020, informed hmrc , anyone know when i will get thethe tax demand?...
        12-09-2020, 18:51 PM
      • Reply to capital gains bill when due
        by AndrewDod
        Not completely following you artful. There is a PERFECTLY GOOD online form which actually works remarkably well running you through the process. I usually criticise shambolic administration - but in this instance it was fine/good.

        Press big green start button on this page
        26-09-2020, 15:37 PM
      • Reply to capital gains bill when due
        by theartfullodger
        Had a look at a tax forum, this does seem to still be a requirement to report within 30 days but, like so much of Cummings' wonderful administration simply doesn't work & has no IT or paper form operational. Do hope someone can prove me wrong... see
        26-09-2020, 15:20 PM
      • Tax to Pay on Lease Extension
        by divadee
        Myself and partner own the freehold to the building we live in, this is in the form of a limited company. We were accidental freeholders as the previous freeholder wanted to sell and no one else living here wanted to buy it so we bought it to have some control over the service charges etc....
        07-08-2020, 09:48 AM
      • Reply to Tax to Pay on Lease Extension
        by flyingfreehold
        it applies where someone could exercise their right to compulsorily acquire. we have only claimed the extra statutory concession where an extension is granted strictly clause 56 of the act but it may be allowable on a non statutory extension at a nominal ground rent....
        25-09-2020, 20:24 PM
      • Reply to Tax to Pay on Lease Extension
        by Gordon999
        You should look at the last set of company's accounts and check if the money to pay for purchase of the freehold is shown money as "borrowed from Director" . The situation may well be the company has made a loss £9K- £10K .and the funds held by the company can be paid back to Director to...
        25-09-2020, 13:23 PM
      • Reply to council tax liability
        by dexterpierson
        That is brilliant.
        Thank you so much
        25-09-2020, 11:21 AM
      • council tax liability
        by dexterpierson
        I had a tenant who moved out of my property without giving any notice and posted the keys through the estate agent's letterbox.
        I notified the council of this and the date the keys were returned and resumed liability for the council tax while the property is empty.
        The council got back in...
        14-09-2019, 10:11 AM
      • Reply to Tax to Pay on Lease Extension
        by Section20z
        Does that only apply where they "could have" and did, or also if the non statutory option is followed ?...
        25-09-2020, 08:14 AM
      • Reply to Tax to Pay on Lease Extension
        by theta
        My understanding (with the caveat that I'm not an accountant) is that the proceeds are not income but partial disposal, therefore return of capital plus gains. Within a company there's no difference between CGT and income tax, but it does mean that you offset the original acquisition cost....
        25-09-2020, 07:06 AM