Withdrawing Funds when a Company owes Money to the Director

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    Withdrawing Funds when a Company owes Money to the Director

    Hi All,
    If I personally lend my BTL Ltd company £250k and use that cash to purchase two houses (each with a company BTL mortgage). I then have £250k in the Directors loan account, where the company owes me personally £250k.

    After 12 months the two properties bring in say £30k in rent. Of this, £15k is reinvested into the company to overpay the mortgages.

    Can I withdraw the remaining £15k from the company directors loan account – to leave zero profit (to tax) in the company?

    OR is the remaining £15k deemed as profit, taxable at 19% (£2,850) to leave £12,150, before it can be paid out of the directors loan account?

    Will I receive £15,000 or £12,150 from the directors loan account.
    In a nutshell does the directors loan account pay out before or after corporation tax has been paid.

    Thanks in Advance

    You should check with your accountant, but the loan repayment should be an expense and the profit should be zero.

    However, there should be a formal loan agreement and the repayments and how they are made up should be recorded. Otherwise, the money might look like income to you, which you probably want to avoid if there's no interest being charged.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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      Thanks for your reply, this is what i thought, but couldn't find anything on the government page to back it up.
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      Hi Qick Q i cant find the answer online..

      Can i claim rent a room relief on a rent of 300pounds a month at my first property where I live. 3600 a year.

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      I don't think that many landlords will pay any more tax, it'll catch some, but I'd have thought for the majority of landlords it's tax neutral.
      A small number of landlords will pay slightly more tax isn't much of a headline, though.

      At the time as s24 has been introduced, the personal...
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      I am wondering if S24 tax changes are going to come and haunt landlords.

      Under the tax changes landlords can't deduct interest payments in full. Individual Landlords have been paying more tax, then is fair.

      You could end up with a situation where the tenant wont or can't...
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      by Bill31
      Im sure the reservation relies on the person who made the gift.
      If we was to sell the property and take our 50/50 share of the sale price would that release the gift with reservation if we then went on to buy our own property
      01-04-2020, 12:27 PM
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      5 years ago i gifted part of my property to my son as joint tenants. We lived in the property together. So its possibly a grob.

      Now we want to go our separate ways. Could he buy my share out so he owns the whole house. And i use the money to buy elsewhere. Could this introduce a IHT or...
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      The reservation will depend (as far as I can see) on who pays the running costs of the property.
      If the running costs are split in line with the ownership, it's one thing, if the property is run as though it was the mother's house with her continuing to pay all the bills is another.
      01-04-2020, 09:58 AM
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      by AndrewDod
      Well if CGT was not payable on the first slice it won't be on the second.

      I don't see that you retained a benefit, but I can't find any case law to that effect. But if rent was payable it would have gone in both directions (you would have paid your son half the rent and he would have paid...
      31-03-2020, 18:19 PM
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      by Bill31
      Interesting that it may not be a grob as we own it all together. But surely hmrc will view it as i retained a benefit.

      Its our only main property i dnt think any cgt will be due. I was asking will cgt be due if i make another gift or sell my share to get my name of deeds?
      I ask because...
      31-03-2020, 17:35 PM
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      by AndrewDod
      Although they were BOTH living there and both owned it -- so the share gifted is probably not a GROB. It would be if only the OP was living there (owning only a portion) and not paying rent.

      It depends on the proportion - if the OP owned 1% and paid no rent - I think it would be in GROB...
      31-03-2020, 17:09 PM