Transferring BTL to my Wife

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  • Ceerobbo
    Thanks so much

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  • jpkeates
    You should discuss this with a solicitor specialising in family law.

    I would hope that they would advise sharing the ownership and setting up a trust to split the income in a tax efficient way.
    Your wife would need to be part of the mortgage arrangements and you should make sure your wills are set up sympathetically to the new arrangement.

    You definitely shouldn't DIY and the solicitor will explain the implications (hopefully).
    Don't forget that this will also require notifying the tenant (something family solicitors often forget, because it's outside their area of expertise).

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  • theartfullodger
    People are sometimes surprised how common divorce is.

    Artful: on 3rd marriage

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  • Ceerobbo
    started a topic Transferring BTL to my Wife

    Transferring BTL to my Wife

    Hi folks.

    I am a 40% rate tax payer and my wife is 20% rate so I am under the impression it would make sense to transfer my BTL property to her to reduce overall tax.

    The mortgage is out of its fixed rate term in May so need to get sorted soon.

    Do I need a solicitor to do this transfer of ownership or is there an easier way where I can avoid solicitor fees?

    And are there any negative tax implications of doing this TFR of ownership?

    Thanks muchly


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  • Reply to Capital Gains Tax dilemma
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    You should seek advice from an accountant, or a property tax for tailored advice to your specific circumstances, you may be entitled to some relief if the property at any time was your own principal residence.
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    You declare (online) and pay CGT within 60 days of sale. Depending on the numbers I would expect you to pay CGT. What records do you have of applicable costs, etc?

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    Can anyone help please, if a rental property is owned by two people 50 50. Would each owner be allowed to claim tax relief of £1000 each, or will the allowance of £1000 be split 50 50.
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    It's £1,000 each.

    Most landlords don't use this though, because it's rare for income from a rental property to be low enough to qualify,
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    Rent is income. All income needs to be declared, regardless of the mortgage you have
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  • Reply to Consent to Let - do we still need to pay tax
    by theartfullodger
    The clue is in the name. INCOME tax. Make sure you keep all relevant records, possibly say 30 years , for CGT which on current rules you will probably pay when eventually sold. But yes, self assessment income tax to be comply and paid, online. Do you have registration for government gateway?
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    It’s income....
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