Form 17 timeline to hear back from HMRC?

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    Form 17 timeline to hear back from HMRC?

    Hi all

    I posted a Form 17 (Declaration of property beneficial interest) to HMRC on the 1st Dec 2019. I’m still waiting to hear a response or confirmation back from them as of today’s date.

    I phoned HMRC today to check on progress....They explained they received and logged the form on the 10th Dec, it’s apparently with their ‘Technical team’.

    Just curious if anyone has experience of submitting this form and whether they had to wait a similar length of time to hear back? Also, does the fact the form is with the ‘technical team’ suggest there could be a problem?

    many thanks

    I posted the exact question a few months back. I only yesterday received the acknowledgement (around 5 months after sending it).

    Bear in mind that you don't receive any confirmation that they are happy with or in any way approve what you sent (indeed responses don't even reproduce what you sent -- which is pretty poor). It is simply acknowledgement of receipt of an unidentified form 17. If any businesses operated this way they would rapidly go bust.


      There's going to be a point where they become so overwhelmed that it starts to affect the actual tax take.
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