Can you claim improvement costs necessary to make a house rentable against tax ?

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    Originally posted by jpkeates View Post
    The list in post 1 aren't capital items.
    If they are necessary to make the property letable, then they are (last time I looked at the tax law).

    If you could let the property without doing the work, then they are (probably) revenue expenses.


      You have the difficulty of reconciling capital costs and revenue costs

      Section “Repairs after a property is acquired” may help (or not)
      Section “Capital work and revenue repairs at the same time” may also be relevant


      The costs for test and inspection certs would be revenue (professional fees), the costs of work to achieve required standard may not(improvement)
      The cost for Banister alteration is capital. It is not a repair of existing structure but a change to the structure
      Replacement of carpets and curtains. If these items existed previously and were in need of replacement due to wear and tear and these items could have been used at the start of the letting?
      If yes, revenue
      If not, capital


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