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    Lease extension

    Hi I'm a newbie and would welcome information about any tax relief on a 99 year lease extension I have just paid for.

    It would be against CGT, not income.


      The cost of "lease extension" is added to the property buying costs and applied in calculation of the capital gain only AFTER you sell the property.

      If you paid for a statutory 90 years lease extension at peppercorn ground rent, your new lease may be around 150 years

      If you paid for a "non-statutory lease extension" to restart at 99 years , that is non-statutory lease extension and you will be facing payment for another lease extension in less than 19 years.


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      • Capital gains tax changes afoot?
        by Bobthebiker
        So it seem the chancellor has ordered a review of capital gains tax, payIng special attention to the reliefs and allowances To see if it’s fit for purpose, the Covid clawback starts here maybe.
        14-07-2020, 21:05 PM
      • CGT & Gifting
        by Kape65
        If I were to gift unencumbered properties to my adult children what would be their baseline for calculating CGT? Would it be zero (the price they paid) or would it be the price I paid or would it be based on market value when gifted? Or none of the above?
        13-07-2020, 15:12 PM
      • Reply to CGT & Gifting
        by gnvqsos
        I think you can reduce liability for CGT by deducting the costs of renovations,and costs associated with purchase eg survey fees,conveyancing fees etc.It may be possible to deduct legal fees resulting from the gift made...
        14-07-2020, 16:35 PM
      • Reply to CGT & Gifting
        by Kape65
        Thanks for the replies, all clear now.
        14-07-2020, 11:24 AM
      • Reply to CGT & Gifting
        by Gordon999
        The Donor has liability for cgt after making the gift. The capital gain is calculated by the market value at July 2020 less price paid.

        The Donee has liability for cgt after selling the gift . The capital gain is calculated from the sale proceeds less the market value at July 2020 .
        14-07-2020, 07:02 AM
      • Reply to CGT & Gifting
        by AndrewDod
        Don't forget you need to declare the gift and pay the relevant tax within 30 days. So you need to supply that information now....
        14-07-2020, 00:14 AM
      • Reply to Moving overseas - forms to submit to HMRC
        by tatemono has a whole lot more which might be useful.

        Bear in mind that just because you get rent paid gross doesn't mean you won't eventually end up...
        13-07-2020, 20:57 PM
      • Moving overseas - forms to submit to HMRC
        by JamesHopeful
        I'm about to move overseas for a couple of years.

        I know that I need to submit an NRL1 to allow my letting agent to continue to pay my rent to me gross. However, do I need to submit any other forms at this stage? (e.g. a form informing HMRC that I'm going overseas in the first place?)...
        05-07-2020, 15:43 PM
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        ok - I had a surveyor down recently who told me my BTL needs attention to guttering and new fasicas as they are in need of sorting out - had a roofer quote me but also told me the tiles needed replacing on roof as they are missing in areas and letting in water , i know this to be true as I looked at...
        07-07-2020, 23:19 PM
      • Reply to tax allowance for new tiles on roof
        by Mrs Mug
        2 years ago, we had a complete new roof, new facsias and soffits, and new guttering fitted for our own home. Never even thought about mentioning it to the insurance or mortgage provider. Why did you?...
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