don't want to reinvent the wheel- spreadsheet required

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    don't want to reinvent the wheel- spreadsheet required

    Just about to start getting info together for my accountant on my 5 buytolets.
    Anybody got a good spreadsheet they've devised solely for this purpose please?
    I will be forever grateful, thanks in advance.

    I suggest your accountant may have a spreadsheet which transfers your information to suit their use.

    My rents are paid monthly by tenant . I use a simple 5 column x 20 line table ( taken from microsoft word. ).

    The top of the 5 columns are labelled 1. " Date " 2 Monthly Rent 3. Expenses ( wider Col ) 4. Paid into Bank 5. Bank date..

    In Col 1 working downwards, enter the month from April to March.


      sorry to jump on the post but yes I would find a tool useful


        I use something I've put together which calculates exactly what I need to put in each box on the SA forms. We've got the same number of properties and it works for us, but I find I have to be on top of it (sometimes on a daily basis) with expenses and paperwork so it's not for everyone. The good thing is that when it comes to filing, it takes me all of 15 minutes to complete my return.

        However, as you are responsible for reporting accurately to HMRC, relying on some bloke on a forum might leave you open to challenge. Why not pay for something like TaxCalc? With five rentals, surely that'll do what you want. Then you can ditch the accountant.

        Alternatively, if you've got an accountant, why are you bothering? Isn't that what you pay an accountant for?


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