Selling too many props too soon???

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    Selling too many props too soon???

    Hubby and I have a couple of BTL properties.

    In October 2016 we sold one BTL house and paid CGT
    In January 2019, we sold our residential house and moved into a house we built next door.

    However, due to my elderly mother being taken ill, we have decided to now move closer to her, so now need to sell our newly built house in which we have lived for only 7 months (although this will probably be 12 months before it is actually sold).

    My tax questions is: Is there a "limit" of how many houses you can sell over a certain period of time, before HMRC start considering you as a property developer and start taxing you as such????

    Many thanks for any assistance.

    If there is potentially a huge capital gain on current house if sold and you want to have it covered as your PPR , then perhaps you should consider staying for longer period to avoid being taken as a property trader.


      in your case no as there is a reasonable explanation behind them and its inconsistent. so there is no limit as such BUT you might want to consider the annual capital gains allowance , you have one of these each year and it resets each year april 2019 to april 2020


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        I suggest you ask the tax office to send you a paper version tax return for first year submission ( before 31 st Oct ) .

        Next year if you understand the system, change to online tax return .
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        I will be forever grateful, thanks in advance.
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        I use something I've put together which calculates exactly what I need to put in each box on the SA forms. We've got the same number of properties and it works for us, but I find I have to be on top of it (sometimes on a daily basis) with expenses and paperwork so it's not for everyone. The good thing...
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        I bet accountant will be able to identify £250 of savings, and his bill is tax deductible also. Thirdly, any mistake found years ahead will be on his head rather than yours. Go with the accountant IIWY.
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        If you use a separate bank account to receive the monthly rental payments and pay the expenses by cheque, your bank account statements will serve as your bookkeeping records.

        For rental income of around £9K total , you can probably submit a paper tax return SA 200 . This form requires...
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