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    SDLT Query

    I purchased a property via auction. I completed the transaction within the allotted 28 day time frame

    However I wanted to know when exactly does the SDLT have to be paid/submitted by the conveyancer

    Is it 30 days after the transaction completed? i.e. after the allotted 20 days)

    Within 14 days from the sale completion date:


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    • BTL property, wife's property or both our property?

      First off appologies for joining and going straight in with a question. I promise i will try my best to positively contribute in the future.

      My wife and i are in the process of remortging our home as a BTL and purchasing a new home to live in. The BTL is in my wife's...
      13-08-2019, 10:11 AM
    • Reply to BTL property, wife's property or both our property?
      Landlords are easy to tax, no one likes us.

      It is anti-marriage though, which is usually a bad look in politics.
      25-08-2019, 09:03 AM
    • Reply to BTL property, wife's property or both our property?

      That's just mean! He may get stung twice then. He's going to get hit with 3% buying a new family home and then get hit again if he goes half on the BTL.
      24-08-2019, 21:54 PM
      I am looking for some advice on the new rules regarding ppr and lettings relief due to come into being in 2020.

      I purchased a flat in July 2004 for £38,000 and lived there until July 2006 (24 months) when I purchased another house. I subsequently let the flat out from July 2008 until
      24-08-2019, 20:33 PM
    • Help me understand my tax bill please

      To give a quick background summary:
      I have a rental property. It is my old house that I rented out when I moved to another area due to my work.
      I was working as a sole trader so did my income and rental taxes together which probably disguised what I'm seeing now.
      24-08-2019, 15:57 PM
    • Reply to Help me understand my tax bill please
      As above - your profit is £5400 - so you are not paying more tax than your profit.

      No tax paid is not an allowable expense! For CGT or anything else .....

      We presume you are a higher rate tax payer in your main job -- or the rental income of £5400 is making you higher ra...
      24-08-2019, 19:03 PM
    • Reply to Help me understand my tax bill please
      Thanks Leaseholder, I understand that capital payments have never been allowable. I know it sounds naive, but when I was paying my sole trader tax I never really saw the impact of the rental income tax. I guess I'm just looking for some confirmation of what I am seeing, does it seem right - Paying more...
      24-08-2019, 18:30 PM
    • Reply to Help me understand my tax bill please
      The mortgage capital repayments have never been allowable against income tax. they are represent part of the acquisition cost,which is allowable against capital gains tax.
      24-08-2019, 18:14 PM
    • Trading allowance and my tax bill
      My two sons look after my properties whilst I am on holiday.
      If I make a payement to each of them of £1000 each for this service can I declare this as an expense on my tax return?
      In addition can they take the money and not declare it under the trader's allowance.............
      01-08-2019, 14:25 PM
    • Reply to Trading allowance and my tax bill
      The trading allowance applies only to self-employed persons :

      You can pay your sons for providing "holiday cover service" but the sons would have to declared the payments as part of their...
      24-08-2019, 15:58 PM