Allowable Expenses & Filling in SATR

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    Allowable Expenses & Filling in SATR

    I'm a new landlord & am about to fill in my SATR for 18/19.

    I bought a flat last September as a BTL with a BTL I/O mortgage (which I plan to pay off when I sell the home I currently live in). I'm a UK resident & only have these 2 properties.

    A fault with the water heater was identified before completion & rectified after completion - I couldn't let it out before the repair was done but am not sure if I can claim this as an allowable expense. Can I?

    The flat was then rented out through a lettings agency & those tenants are still there. 3 months after they moved in 4 out of the 5 electric panel heaters were deemed inadequate & I had them replaced with similar panels. Even though these were more efficient models I believe I can claim for these as a repair as the law regarding electrical heaters had changed since the original heaters were installed. The heaters became an issue during the weeks of snow as the tenants hadn't used any heating up to that point & the electrical testing I'd had done before letting just tested if the items were 'safe' rather than 'fit for purpose'. When I was told all had passed the tests it never occurred to me that there would be an issue so soon.

    Can I claim for the cost of the portable plug in heater the agency bought as emergency heating? Is it an allowable expense linked to the repair?

    What other costs are not allowed as first letting costs?

    I have done a lot of reading, watching videos on HMRC's YouTube Channel but I'm still not convinced & would appreciate any advice before hitting submit.

    Thanks in advance!

    yes you can claim portable heater for the property.

    If you bought a BTL and there were repairs required to bring it up to standard these can be claimed as repairs.

    you can't claim first purchase of white goods

    if replacing electric heater with modern day equivilent this is fine to claim as replacement, no one expect you to buy crappy old heater when newer cheaper do the job better


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