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    Home improvement - for EPC Standards ... Tax questions / advice.

    Hi peeps,

    I wanted to pick your brains.

    One of my letted property was highlighted as D with a few bits to shove it into the C band.

    I'm thinking long term though ( as it was originally my home and have no intention of selling it).

    I"m thinking of Solar Panels - is there any way to get any tax brake for this or any home improvements at all?

    Sadly I wasn't a landlord during the years that the government offered the tax relief to get EPC up to scratch ?

    Can you class this as ' repairs'? What about other things like new boiler - ???

    Also what are peoples experience of the 'Green Deal' and tenants responses to this?

    Any advice welcome.



    if it's an improvement you can only claim this against capital gains.

    if you replace things like a boiler this is considered replacement or repair the boiler and is deductible against income. This assumes there is already existing boiler, if there isn't an existing boiler this classes as improvement and again offsets against capital gain. if this boiler breaks and is repaired or repalced offset against income

    although why are you increasing it from D to a C no need it's only E or below that need to make amends.


      There's no need to alter if it's an E either. Its only F and G that needs to be made more efficient


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        I will be forever grateful, thanks in advance.
        02-07-2019, 20:57 PM
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        I use something I've put together which calculates exactly what I need to put in each box on the SA forms. We've got the same number of properties and it works for us, but I find I have to be on top of it (sometimes on a daily basis) with expenses and paperwork so it's not for everyone. The good thing...
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        14-07-2019, 18:06 PM
      • Reply to HMRC - Web Filing of Accounts
        I bet accountant will be able to identify £250 of savings, and his bill is tax deductible also. Thirdly, any mistake found years ahead will be on his head rather than yours. Go with the accountant IIWY.
        16-07-2019, 07:52 AM
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        If you use a separate bank account to receive the monthly rental payments and pay the expenses by cheque, your bank account statements will serve as your bookkeeping records.

        For rental income of around £9K total , you can probably submit a paper tax return SA 200 . This form requires...
        16-07-2019, 07:39 AM
      • Reply to HMRC - Web Filing of Accounts
        Hi Gordon,

        The income is too low to be registered for VAT. HMRC have a list of software but when I looked a year or so ago, it was quite expensive. I wondered if others had a similar situation and what they did.
        15-07-2019, 21:07 PM
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        Have you asked HMRC about what software to use for online returns?

        I thought the online return was required for quarterly VAT returns ?...
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      • Reply to Sale of (let) residential property: is HMRC notification required?
        The problem is that HMRC can't currently properly cope with any kind of "interim" tax return (non-UK residents don't have annual tax returns, pretty much by definition).
        The best they can do is adjust a tax code or interim payment if you advise them something has changed dramatically....
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