Can landlord do end of tenancy clean and claim costs?

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    Can landlord do end of tenancy clean and claim costs?

    I paid £200 for pre-tenancy clean only 6 months ago, ironically at request of new tenant who felt the cleaning of old tenants wasn't up to scratch. I know this is the going rate for end of tenancy clean as I’ve paid a different company much the same price before.

    This tenant only lived there 6 months but had left it in a much worse state, so it needed seriously cleaning.

    This time I hadn't banked on the company not being available so had to clean it all myself. This took hours and hours, so I want to charge to reflect this. Can I charge for it? I worked for 4 hours which is less than it took for the company to clean it 6 months ago.

    Can I actually do this though? I am not sure if I have to suck it up because I am not a professional cleaner by trade, or whether I can do this because it took me half a day to rectify.

    I should not have trusted the tenant's promises to get it to the same standard as documented at the start of her tenancy, but she was very convincing and I made a wrong judgement call. It's a tricky one because the tenant I had a few years ago was brilliant and left it immaculate, so had I pre-booked cleaners it would have wasted a lot of money. So I thought I was onto a winner again with this woman.

    Anyway, does anyone here know where I stand with taking something out of the deposit to reflect my 4 hours of cleaning?

    If you have check in and check out reports, I see no problem.


      You are looking for compensation and if £200 is the going rate, that's what you can claim.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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        I suggest you watch the Martin Lewis show tomorrow night 8.30 itv ( Thursday )
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        No. It's 3% if it isn't your main home.
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        Its a maintenance cost which is an allowable expense against the annual rental income
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        it was bought ten years ago - sorry didnt make myself clear ive google street mapped it and looked at the roof that way so its recent deterioration (had it been on purchase would have noticed it at survey ) was ok when i bought it - the google street map its about 5 yrs old which is what i meant so...
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        thanks all yes just checked my survey and there are tiles on already not slates so we are replacing tile with tile but a different looking tile as the ones on already were in the 1950s
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