Will I pay stamp duty?

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    Will I pay stamp duty?

    So i was hoping for some good advice.

    Me and my girlfriend are looking to buy a house together, the problem is i already have a house of my own which i am renting out on a BTL mortgage. So if i buy a house with my girlfriend that will be my second home, but her only home.

    Will i have to pay stamp duty?

    It seems obvious, yes of course you will its your second home.

    but is there a way around it, by either allocating the title to her, so were both on the mortgage our home is always half mine but the way i structure it so i have 1 and she has 1.

    can i give away 1% of the house so she has 51% i have 49% and therefore we have a house each.

    basically is there anything i can do or will the purchase of a house jointly in mine and her name trigger second home stamp duty when she doesn't have a 2nd home only i do.

    There are a minority of lenders who will accept one person being on the Title but with two persons on the mortgage in order support the affordability , otherwise You cannot circumvent the SDLT premium in the second property is in joint names.


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